Shamane (2) ‎– Foralways

Elemental 95 ‎– E95_060
20 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 Micro Seasons, Sea Salt Sheets Calligraphy Toss Themselves Into The Dinghy 2:56
2 A Basketball Court Below My Above Ground Pool, The Jacuzzi Has Gong Luster, The Leds Are Pinaa Clear, You Can See The Pollen For Four Fog Machines / Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlors 2:43
3 My Ranch Is Four Stories (It's Just Four Ranches, One On Top Of Another) 3:54
4 Raised By Elk, Mixed By Hand, The Cake Sees A Sponge; Chortles, Runs Four Laps 3:27
5 Rock Wall Sees Mountain, Trail Of Sheetrock Crumbs 2:50
6 A Group Of Lighthouses Together Looking For Another Lighthouse 3:51
7 You Made A Cake By Sending Each Ingredient To One Person 3:48
8 The Micro Tones Of Your Appliances, They Love You, They're Playing Your Songs All The Time! 3:17
9 Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlors, Where The Flavor Is How Did You Do That, Ok!; Can You Imagine It Like This: You're Inside Of An Inflatable! 3:08
10 The Jet Ski Obtuse Parabola, Collapsible Hits That Fold Sand, Cold Aluminium / Hot Coals / Hold Hand(le)s 4:46
11 The Lava Fell Out Of The Lake, Atv Flossed, The Cup Holder Billows Around Four Pints Of Whipped Macramé; Presents! 4:44
12 My Locket Squees Foil Quarks / Hinges For Sonar / Man Buns Frosted Into Spackled Bouffants 3:07
13 You Went To A Farm, Found A Pie On A Windowsill, And Put An Oculus Rift On It 4:12
14 Patio On The Roof, Vaulted Ottoman Deck, Horizon Lilt In A Papier-mâché Fortress 4:22
15 We're Just Atvs, We're Just Brunchin', We're Just Coq Au Vin Glamping 2:24
16 Onion Ring In Your Fries, The Waiter Likes You! 3:25
17 My Falconer Ellipses A Cake, One Henhouse At A Time 2:14
18 Fishing With Dynamite, The Rock Wall To The Quarry 4:31
19 So You Wanna Be A Doula? 3:10
20 Breakfast In Bed At Night 3:03