Shane Fahey ‎– Twin Korg - Water Drip Code

Iceage Productions ‎– ICE017
CDr, Album


1 Pokey 4:57
2 Gas Flicker 5:16
3 Bigger Grunge Shuks 3:26
4 Rise Quietly With Beebles 7:25
5 Hard Rain Granules 3:31
6 Meistu Killu 8:49
7 Stomach Mussel Raskal 8:04
8 Sluice Circuits 7:43
9 Scrabble Ushers In Peaks 8:14
10 Port Mouth In Communication 2:58
11 With The City 1:35
12 Crystal Tone 2:21
13 Left At Home 2:12


Physical acoustic phenomena tracked into Control Voltage.

Analogue oscillators & filter frequency cutoffs triggered & guided by the cluster of events from a water tap dripping into a laundry sink.

Variable valve settings on faucet range from single, isolated drips; clusters; turbulence & streams.

Tactile & percussive properties of the pieces are achieved via contact mics secured to the to the inside walls & bottom of a laundry sink. This sink also acts as a resonator & reverberation plate.

No water sound or vibration is audible in the recording!

The other aspect of these behavioural pieces is its twin/binaural nature. One of the main ideas of this recording was to use a matched pair of analogue synthesisers with the focus on trying to make their signal outputs identical. The analogue settings on the synths were not calibrated to each other and because the synth threseholds & modulators were being manipulated by hand the degree of accuracy between the two was poor. This created interesting cross-correlations in the resulting stereo field. A stereo enhancement system was the only outboard insert in the audio chain. Sometimes the two synths seem to come together as a stereo sound field and at other times are identifiable as two distinct mono streams.