Sharkbait ‎– Crushits

Primitech Releases ‎– PRM 9104-2
CD, Album


1 Car Crash 4:56
2 Mr. Fernando 5:10
3 P.H.L.A. 3:44
4 Vaporized 0:43
5 Voice Of Crime 2:11
6 Boass 4:01
7 Big Rallies 5:42
8 Feel Steel 4:06
9 Twisted 4:46
10 My Machine (Sex) 3:18
11 End O' World 4:46
12 Afterworld 6:46


Tracks 1, 5, 7, 10 to 12 originally appeared on the Feed Our Frenzy LP.
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9 originally appeared on the E-Ville Mind Crush EP.
Track 3 originally appeared on the P.H.L.A./Total Domination 7".



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June 3, 2012
This is a collection of pre-"Blowtorch Facelift" material, gleaned from debut LP "Feed Our Frenzy", cassette "E-Ville Mind Crush", 7" single "P.H.L.A." & a couple of compilation album tracks. "Car Crash" kicks things off - very clearly revealing SHARKBAIT's sound for the first time - a hard-nosed Techno with a dark sense of humour & a certain mock drama which they refer to as 'Crush'. The character within the song certainly has little in the way of luck, repeatedly feeling 'a car crash coming on'. "Mr. Fernando" again has a certain dark humour, with dog bark intro & feedback over medium-paced metallic dance beat, it has plenty of hook & a certain off-the-wall lunacy. A compulsive surging sound which should get yer body moving. "P.H.L.A." was originally released as a single - a certain martial, militaristic sound which smooths out into a more mellow thing part quoting TIM LEARY - a futuristic, TERMINATOR-blasting tune with sirens & sharky-sleak tune. "Vaporised" has it's feet in the area of Rock / Thrash, changing tempo quickly back & forth over it's brief duration. "Voice Of Crime" sounds more like TEST DEPT meets EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN with it's pipe-banging-beat & all manner of noise layering over the top, punctuated by the occasional burst of guitar. "Boass" has an almost Funky feel to it, twisted into a blast furnace of a track, a real ripping monster of a thing which collapses midway through into a mellow, almost ZAPPA-like drift with crying babies & babes before leaping back into aggressive life once more. "Big Rallies" starts off with a taped sample of Churchill, swearing he'll stampp out Nazism before it swings into life as a mild, mellow dance piece, again showing their singular sense of humour. The sound is held up by a constant metal beat while the other instruments dance around in a hard-skinned mockery of Latin American music. "Feel Steel" is a fastish thing which curiously enough sounds like a slightly Industrial-ized B-52s - again full of images - found voice snatches & car crash noises join the post-Tribal dance. "Twisted" sounds like an early KILLING JOKE track having been washed & honed to a more 90's acceptibility, a smooth piece with Funky bass & brash guitar motif combining with soundtrack-like noises. "My Machine (Sex)" is a strange piece of drug-induced Cyberpunk (in the original meaning), a warped little tale full of strange noises, a piece of futuristic poetry which is madly animate, becoming increasingly tribal. "End O' World" again shows their humour, with a strange blend of mild dance music & found voices, this has a certain subtle atmosphere to it which cleverly builds & changes as the piece goes on. "Afterworld" is the last credited track on this album, a mellow series of low tones & feedback-like sustains which drone along to a clockwork-like beat. After this there appears another piece (still, presumably track #12) which is a faster, steam-train of a track, a chug-along thing with distant shouting voices, a brief live track. After this comes another strange, Surreal thing with backward echoes of percussion & singing voices.
SHARKBAIT certainly have their own sound, which kinda isolates them from others, and makes the reviewer's job (which, when dealing with relatively unheard groups, is essentially cross-selling) none-too-easy (although why pity us & give us an easy cop-out back door - fuck the reviewer, may he burn in Hell). Well worth giving a couple of listens to, as their sound really has to grow on ya.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.