Shawn Smith (2) ‎– Skeleton Keys - A Collection Of Home Recordings And Non-Album Tracks 1989-2003 - Vol. 1

14 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps


1 Affection 5:53
2 Without You 8:32
3 Livin Out Life 5:57
4 One Big Family 4:08
5 Waitin For Death 3:24
6 Fell In A Hole 2:50
7 I Know I'll Be There Someday 3:05
8 I've Been Blind 4:06
9 Nothing Is Impossible To An Angel 3:22
10 We All Live Forever 4:29
11 Words 3:35
12 Until The New Day Is Dawning 3:09
13 A Good Way To Be 10:02
14 1,2,3 4:03



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Affection and Without You I recorded while I was house sitting for Ken Stringfellow in Ballard. I call them "the couch sessions" as I recorded them while sitting on the couch and watching TV. There are many more songs from this session, which lasted about a month, in, I think, 2001ish, spread out over the next 5 volumes.
Livin out Life was recorded in July of 1999 while I was doing a residency in Atlanta. The house I was staying in had a studio in the basement so I used it. There are a few other songs in these volumes from this time which I will call "Atlanta sessions in Nicks basement"
One Big Family was recorded on my 4 track at my apartment in Magnolia 2000. These will be called the "Magnolia 4 track recordings". Words and Until The New Day Is dawning are part of these sessions.
Waiting For Death is a song I found last week on a random cassette. I have no idea when or where it was recorded but I know it was sometime in the last 10 years.
Fell In A Hole and I Know I'll Be There Someday, I'm not quite sure when and where but I am pretty sure Steve Fisk recorded them. I'm also pretty sure he played organ on I'll Be There Someday. My guess is they are from 1992 or 93.
I've Been Blind, like Waiting For Death, I found on a random cassette while looking for songs and am not sure when or where it was recorded.
Nothing Is Impossible To An Angel, We All Live Forever and A Good Way To Be were recorded on my 8 track ADAT recorder at my apt. on Capital Hill in 1998 or 99.
1,2,3 was recorded as a track for Let It All Begin, but didn't make the cut, by M'her Filian at his teeny tiny apt up the street from me on Capital Hill in 1999. M'her is super talented by the way...