Shawn Smith (2) ‎– Skeleton Keys - A Collection Of Home Recordings And Non-Album Tracks 1989-2003 - Vol. 5

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Desperate was recorded at Laundry Room by Barret Jones in around 2007. Barret played drums.
Lead Us To Water, Teach Us To Dance, The Motion Of You Breathing, Until We All See The Sun, Shake It (like you just made bail) and What You Mean To Me were "Magnolia 4 Track recordings" from 2000.
You Are Majestic is from "Atlanta sessions in Nicks Basement" rough mixed by M'her Filian.
When That Day Comes...I'm not quite sure....4 track though...I think...
From Above is "the couch sessions".
Give me Something and When You Wake Up In The Morning are from..hmmm...96 or 97? Recorded at Lucky Dog, Christopher Thorns home studio by M'her Filian. They could be from 1999 when I was working on Let It All Begin but I just don't remember. I guess I will update if I find out!
Your Attention Please is from a 2 day session I had at Litho...2006? Maybe? Will update...Like it matters.
Listen is from a Brad or Satchel session in the fall of 97 in between Brad tours.
Open Up was recorded at M'Her Filians teeny tiny apartment in 99.

released October 28, 2011

Artwork by Jesse Scherr