Shotgun Funeral ‎– Slaughtered To Sleep



1 Intro (Let The Slaughtering Begin)
2 He Must've Fallen On My Knife At Least Ninety-Five Times
3 The Body Was Exhumed And Burned
4 Hearse From Hell
5 Butchered With An Axe
6 City Of Death
7 Gut-Grinder
8 Decapitating His Rotted Corpse
9 Soaked In Crimson
10 I Lived Next Door To A Morgue
11 Damn, Now She Has Freezer Burn
12 Hanging Of The Scum
13 And When You're Dead I'll Set Your Casket Aflame
14 Slaughtered To Sleep
15 Beheaded Body
16 Decapitate And Mutilate
17 Please Over Look The Bodies In My Bathroom
18 Bone Cruncher
19 Army Of The Deceased (The Sequel)
20 Vile Defacement
21 Lawnmower Disembowelment
22 Shredded Cadavers
23 Dissection Of The Dead
24 Stitched Carcass
25 Slaying The Enemy
26 Mutilation At It's Best
27 A Body Bag Will Not Be Needed, I'm Sure All The Pieces Will Fit In A Ziplock
28 Transylvanian Blood Drive
29 Gutted Ghouls
30 The Bastard Burials
31 Outro (Death Is Upon You)