Silicone Soul ‎– Bad Machines

Soma Quality Recordings ‎– SOMA 225
Vinyl, 12"


A Bad Machines (12" Mix)
B1 Stolen Sunset
B2 3am (12" Mix)



P & C 2007 Soma Recordings Ltd.

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October 20, 2008
The A side, "Bad Machines" opens with a British fellow talking about a factory that occasionally produces "Bad Machines" before an uncharacteristically hard bass line takes over. At first I thought Silicone Soul had at last given in to the cheap electro-house craze that has been raging around them, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Yes, this is definitively electro-house, but it's not cheap in any way, and Silicone Soul has lost none of their unique identity. The breakdown is infinite proof of this, with beautiful strings and piano, which they always seem to do so well. I was reminded a lot of Moby's brilliant "Play" album during this section of the song.

The harder parts of the song cannot help but call up the words "Yello" and "Oh Yeah" in my mind. The bass line is alarmingly similar, and the dark vocals are filtered to sound extra deep, and wouldn't sound out of place if replaced with "ooooooohhhh yeaaaaaah". This one has a lot of main room appeal, but definitely not at the biggest clubs. It's simple enough to bring the masses to the floor, yet has enough depth and vibe to attract more passionate music fans too.

On the B Side, "Stolen Sunset" and "3am" are a return to Silicone Soul's more traditional sound, albeit still a little harder edged. "Stolen Sunset" has an extremely progressive feel, and would not seem out of place next to Martin Landsky early on in a Sasha and Digweed set. If I have one criticism of this track, it's that the bass line is rather boring. However, what it lacks here it just makes up for with other elements. Slow acid synths rise and fall in the background, as a more solid acidic melody takes the fore, accompanied by some plucky strings and a celtic style pipe of some sort. The whole track is laid onto a series of heavy, prolonged pad sounds which gives the track a dark mood. However, the bass line remains seemingly unchanged for nearly six minutes.

"3am" feels quite progressive too, but not in the chugging main room way that "Stolen Sunset" does. Contrary to the song title, this is a song for home, not 3am at a club. Again, dark echo sounds back the whole track, while this time some not so plucky strings loaded with delay play out their way slowly, drawing you into the music. A little annoying at times is the constant clicking that has been used every second beat. A sound closer to a clap or snare as traditionally used would be better, or at least a dampening of the clicks. While it's good to hear something different, often the reason a sound is nearly always used is because it works, and there's no point changing it. This seems to be the case here.

"Bad Machines" is my pick of this release. It has far stronger percussion elements than anything on the B side, and makes up for it's simpler melody with more energy and groove.