Simon Powers ‎– Mixdisc 2

Ultimate DJ Accessories ‎– MD2Vinyl
Vinyl, LP, Album, Picture Disc


Jingles,Strings And Bridges
A1 Ultimate DJ Mix
A2 DJ Mix
A3 C'Mon Hit The Beat
A4 Inspirational Vibes
A5 Yo DJ
A6 Ragga One
A7 Ragga Two
A8 Follow The Bouncing Bass One
A9 Ultimate Bass
A10 Follow The Bouncing Bass Two
A11 Give It To 'Em One
A12 Give It To 'Em Two
A13 Inspirational Vibes
A14 Ragga One
A15 Ragga Two
A16 C'mon
A17 Give It To Em
A18 Bass One
A19 Follow The Bouncing Bass
A20 Bass Two
A21 Give It To 'Em One
A22 Give It To 'Em Two
A23 Beater
A24 Sweeper
A25 Puncher
A26 Rapido
A28 Cymbolic
A29 Blower
A30 Sucker
A31 Bongo'd
A33 Bongosweep
A34 Rapidbongosweep
Raps,Chants And Accapellas
125 BPM
A35 C'mon Make Some Noise
A36 Rock Your Body
A37 C'mon
A38 Here We Go Now
A39 Lemme Hear You Say Yeah!
A40 Lemme Hear You Say Ho!
A41 Clap Yo' Hands
A42 Wo-Yeah
A43 C'mon (Female Hook)
134 BPM
A44 C'mon Make Some Noise
A45 Rock Your Body
A46 C'mon
A47 Here We Go Now
A48 Lemme Hear You Say Yeah!
A49 Lemme Hear You Say Ho!
A50 Clap Yo' Hands
A51 Wo-Yeah
A52 C'mon (Female Hook)
142 BPM
A53 C'mon Make Some Noise
A54 Rock Your Body
A56 C,mon
A57 Here We Go Now
A58 Lemme Hear You Say Yeah!
A59 Lemme Hear You Say Ho!
A60 Clap Yo' Hands
A61 Wo-Yeah
A62 C'mon (Female Hook)
Tempo Changes 1 - Four On The Floor
B1 121-158 BPM
B2 121-135 BPM
B3 126-142 BPM
B4 135-148 BPM
B5 142-168 BPM
Tempo Changes 2 - Metallics Don't Stop
B6 98-107 BPM
B7 107-112 BPM
B8 112-121 BPM
B9 98-121 BPM
Tempo Changes 3 - Keep The Beat,Yo!DJ,C'mon
B10 123-130 BPM
B11 130-138 BPM
B12 138-145 BPM
B13 123-145 BPM
Atmospheres,Sweeps & Beds
B14 Beguine
B15 Reactive
B16 Era
B17 Rebirth
B18 Suspect
B19 Ready
B20 Movement
B21 Stabilise
B22 Closedown
B23 Completion


This Is An LP Of Sounds & Beats Made For Mixers/DJ's To use In Samples