Site Breakers ‎– Hash Fudge Dave / Porridge Pete

Stay Up Forever ‎– S.U.F. 51:000 m.g.
Vinyl, 12"


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Written & produced at the Punishment Farm, London.
Distributed by SRD (UK), Infectious (Rest of the World).

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July 2, 2016
edited over 2 years ago

This one's definitely not my favourite SUF release, but both sides are excellent. Not the easiest one to find either, and therefore worth hanging onto for its collectibility as well as for its musical quality.

My personal favourite is "Porridge Pete", which includes a very nice 303 stab which sounds like it may have been taken from A+E Dept's "Experiment 4", and some of the finest 909 programming you will ever hear on an acid techno record.

Unfortunately (feel free to disagree with me), I think that this record may signify the point at which SUF peaked - while I accept that I went through an utterly dreadful time in my life between 2001 and 2006, and that may have had some influence on this opinion, but I really don't think there were too many out-and-out classics during that period.

I've gone back through the whole SUF Collective catalogue to see if I was wrong the first time around, but my opinion hasn't changed. Fortunately, since about 2007, they seem to have (mostly) found their feet again (horrid vocal tunes excepted ;) ). Although they are no longer a label I would buy on sight, unlike back in the 1990s and up to about SUF 55-60, I look forward to their releases again, and I still buy at least a few each year; indeed, some of the more recent tunes are as good as those from their classic period.

But this record is from a long-gone classic era - and this one can DEFINITELY be bought on sight - no disappointing commercial vocals here, guaranteed!


July 24, 2015
edited over 3 years ago
Amazing dirty squirty acid blasters

Very lucky to own an copy

Other collaboration tracks by AD and Dave are so poor I had to cut the rope before I hung myself


November 4, 2011

Both sides of this release are absolute acid techno monsters but in the best way possible. This is definitely one of the best SUF releases that I own a copy of. Is it the best SUF release so far? Well it is certainly one of them in my opinion. If you want evidence of that both sides are present on this London acid techno mix:


November 26, 2009

A pretty rare one these days. It is one of less known collaborations of Henry Cullen, even though the music is absolutely insane! The A side pushes along at a rapid pace, building up tension as it progresses. Around the five minute mark it's all insanely hard acid and hard drive. Remosereless, this one avoids the typical structure where there is an obbligatory ninety second break just before the final assault of 303s occur. This one hits you with it right off, and never lets go, in the vein of another hard acid techno favorite of mine, Shaft Punk's Squat Rock.
Porridge Pete is in the more typical vein of the Stay Up Forever legacy. Starts out with only the percussion and scarse sounds wchich accompany it. Slowly adding layers of acid, it just steadily moves on up until the six minute mark. Then this nervous melody enters the track, and for the last three minutes it's all dance floor chaos - uncontrollable strikes of multi layered 303 sequences, hisses and funky beats. Awesome!
Not quite my favorite SUF release, but both tracks are infectious, fast and groovy, with really well modulated and pitched acid synths, huge positive effect when played at parties, and mainly, the music is damn entertaining, well done, and banging!


October 21, 2007

My acid techno adventure began with Stay Up Forever 51 and i think i couldn't have started it any better.

What monster tracks .After couple of years still i can't decide which tune from this record i like most?!

"Hash Fudge Dave" is a dark hypnotic acid tune.
"Porridge Pete" is a perfect example of a track where the pressure builds up to explode on full power with screaming 303.

I recon this one makes one of the three best records on SUF label.

A MUST have record for every acid techno maniac!!