Skin Graft ‎– Sowell

Amnesia Program ‎– AP-006
Cassette, C40


A Untitled
B Untitled


Summer 2012, Cleveland

Comes with a little booklet.



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October 17, 2013

Skin Graft (Wyatt Howland) is probably one of the hardest working musicians in the field of noise right now. His catalog is vast and relentless, if you dig through all his major works over the last few years you’ll find many a jem, a personal highlight (and the last thing I’ve listened to by Skin Graft) for me is ‘Dystrophy‘ released in 2011 on Hanson Records. So when I picked up this copy of his latest cassette ‘Sowell’ I first wondered how Wyatt’s sound had progressed since then.

Side A starts of with a heavy commanding synth tone that pulsates and rumbles for a while with the occasional CB radio sounding interruptions that cut the tension with a knife, very interesting use of build of for this track as it progresses you can here more and more sounds being brought in brewing rapidly into a massive noise wall climax. Quite satisfying, however I found that it lacked the killer punch that would have taken this into the essential category. By the end of this track you can hear the synth rumble still consistent in the background and again all the sounds vanish just leaving the same first sound.

Flipping over to side B is a barrage of noise that I found pretty enjoyable, crunch, feedback and sweeping distortion rumbling along nicely. Exactly what I was expecting so I just sat back and let the noise carry me along.

Overall I found ‘Sowell’ a really enjoyable cassette. Not quite essential Skin Graft but yet another solid from Wyatt Howland, it comes with beautiful artwork and a small booklet of art. This cassette was released by Amnesia Program who are as far as I am aware a pretty new label from Virginia, USA, starting their operations in 2012. So far they have released a handful of cassettes and the catalog looks pretty good so make sure you check them out.