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541483-1 Skrillex Recess(LP, Album) OWSLA, Big Beat, Atlantic 541483-1 US 2014 Sell This Version
075678673795 Skrillex Recess (Cass, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 075678673795 Mexico 2014 Sell This Version
none Skrillex Recess(11xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Owsla none US 2014
541483-2 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 541483-2 South Korea 2014 Sell This Version
541483-2 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 541483-2 Argentina 2014 Sell This Version
541483-1 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) OWSLA, Big Beat, IC Records 541483-1 Venezuela 2014 Sell This Version
7567867381 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 7567867381 Indonesia 2014 Sell This Version
7567867381 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 7567867381 Australia 2014 Sell This Version
542305-2 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 542305-2 US 2014 Sell This Version
7567-86738-1 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 7567-86738-1 Europe 2014 Sell This Version
541483-2 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) OWSLA, Big Beat, Atlantic 541483-2 Mexico 2014 Sell This Version
2-542805 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Warner Music Russia, Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 2-542805 Russia 2014 Sell This Version
WPCR-15681 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Warner Music Japan WPCR-15681 Japan 2014 Sell This Version
541483-2 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla, Big Beat, Atlantic 541483-2 US 2014 Sell This Version
075678673818 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album) Owsla 075678673818 Brazil 2014 Sell This Version
7567-86738-1 Skrillex Recess(CD, Album, Unofficial) Owsla (2) 7567-86738-1 Russia 2014 Sell This Version
PCD-567, none Skrillex Recess(CDr, Album, Promo) Warner Music Japan, Big Beat PCD-567, none Japan 2014 Sell This Version
none Skrillex Recess(CDr, Album, Promo) Owsla, Big Beat none US 2014 Sell This Version
541483-4 Skrillex Recess(Cass, Album, Ltd) Big Beat, Owsla 541483-4 US 2014 Sell This Version


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April 9, 2019
referencing Recess, Cass, Album, Ltd, 541483-4
You would think they would have knocked this thing together for cheap, but it's actually one of the most high quality modern cassette reissues I've experienced. J-card art is great, printed text on the shell is nice and stylized, recording was done to a high standard on chrome tape (if not legit chrome, then definitely ultra dark high quality ferric mix). Similar to the recent cassettes from Aphex, this version honestly sounds better than the vinyl pressing.


January 20, 2019
referencing Recess, LP, Album, 541483-1
Ah man I remember when this album was announced in 2014 and I lost my shit. 2 years prior to the announcement of this album I got introduced to Skrillex in the recommended tab of YouTube and that was when my journey into electronic music started. I was 8 at that time when I first discovered him, now I'm 14 and still a big fan of his to date. It's been almost 5 years since this came out as I am writing this, but how does it fair to me with all the repeat listens I gave to this album? I'll go down track-by-track.

1. All Is Fair In Love And Brostep - This is one hell of a way to start the album. Bunch of hard beats and synths all over the place accompanied by the Ragga Twins which I can't even understand half of what they're saying but somehow I can recall every single thing I think they're saying. Just a great way to start off this album.
2. Recess - The title track of this album is instantly memorable and one hell of a way to get me to dance. This is probably the most iconic track off this album. The yelling of Fatman Scoop is instantly recognizable and plus Kill The Noise did a great job with co-producing this track with Skrill. Great track.
3. Stranger - THIS is one of the tracks that stuck out to me on this album. I love when Skrillex explores territory outside of Dubstep and this is one hell of an example. The whole song is so catchy and memorable, plus Sam's singing on this track is amazing. Plus that switch at the end of the track is just great, one of the reasons why this song is so great. A definite favorite on first listen and forever.
4. Try It Out - Oh boy this song's story is complicated. I remember listening to the original version of this track before the album came out and thought it was pretty good. Then the single that included 3 mixes of that track came out of nowhere and I was very surprised. All the mixes were good and all of them at least memorable. Then the album came out and went with the Neon Mix as it's cut and honestly it is pretty good but I have heard the other ones before and this is not the best cut. Don't get me wrong, it's still hella good, but they should've went with the original instead of the Neon. The original has this sound that can't be replicated on the other mixes and honestly if it was on the album it would've been a highlight on this one. Another edit that would've been good on this one could've been the Put Em Up mix which honestly would be really neat but IDK how that would exactly work on this album. Again, not bad song, but the other edits are better than the Neon.
5. Coast Is Clear - After the previous track we get hit with this one and this one stuck out to me. It's a semi-rap song and it's super good. This song would later be the song that introduced me to rap, since after this song I got respect for rap and I don't think that would've been possible if not for this song. Plus overall it's a great song, Chance's rapping is super memorable and not at all hard to understand and the instrumental is super catchy and gets me dancing anytime. Another favorite from first listen and forever.
6. Dirty Vibe - Again another rap song but it isn't really memorable as the previous one because for one half the song is in another language and I can't really understand it and plus the instrumental isn't really as memorable as the previous. But it is NOT bad at all for those reasons, I enjoy it as much as I do with the previous songs. Plus I always like to rap the sections with foreign language in it because it's always fun to sing in a language you don't know. It just docks points compared to the previous song and that's it. Otherwise, great track.
7. Ragga Bomb - Honestly this is one of the less memorable tracks from this album. Don't get me wrong, it's hella good, but it's not really a song that I return to on a daily basis. Maybe it's the Ragga Twins or the synth that's used on the drop that sounds like a trashed laser but IDK. Great song but not a favorite.
8. Doompy Poomp - Okay, now THIS is my favorite off the album. It's experimental and nothing like anything I heard him do before and it played off VERY well. The choppy vocal hooks are instantly memorable and plus the second half of the track is super great as well. This has been my favorite since the album dropped and it looks like I ain't getting tired of it anytime soon. Classic and timeless tune.
9. Fuck That - Another absolute favorite off this album. The voice is super memorable and plus the song is super catchy and memorable, the most minimalistic tune on this album and I love that sort of shit. Nothing but vocals, a beat, and some catchy synths and wubs can make me move till I'm tired. Great song.
10. Ease My Mind - Another one of my favorites from this album. EVERYTHING from this song came off so well. The vocals, the beat, and the drop especially just came out perfectly and it's just so good. I remember this track from front to back all the way through. Just great.
11. Fire Away - Fuck, the tie between this song and Doompy Poomp is really close. Both are great songs and unique in it's own way. This one is more chill and emotional than the Skrill norms, but he has actually done this before multiple times and it never fails, so I'm always glad to have different styles come out of Skrillex. Both Kid Harpoon and Skrillex provide excellent vocals on this track and the instrumental just has emotion and chill poured into it like my god. Such a great way to end the album, this has been a keeper for years and more.

Overall, really solid album! I'm really glad Skrillex did an album as he is really talented and can make a lot of his own ideas work so much, especially on an album. I did hear rumors that he is working on a second solo album, so I can't wait for that! But yeah, that's my review.


November 14, 2015
referencing Recess, LP, Album, 541483-1

it's got some great tracks on here, and none of them really pop out to me as bad, but there isn't enough consistency in the track listing to make this really tie together as an album and it just comes off more as a mixtape if anything. fav tracks: stranger, fuck that, coast is clear. least fav: try it out (neon mix), ease my mind.


May 13, 2015
referencing Recess, 11xFile, MP3, Album, 320, none
I think he took some flack for this release. I'm no dubstep or electronic music expert but I really like this album. Good energy, personal favourite is "Ragga Bomb." Not really what a skrillex fan would be used to, but I like the transition.


May 18, 2014
referencing Recess, CD, Album, 541483-2
To be honest, definitely not Skrillex at his best, in my opinion. Not bad, just not good, either.


April 14, 2014
referencing Recess, CD, Album, 541483-2
He's releasing the album on cassette on Record Store Day as an Exclusive


April 9, 2014
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Recess, CD, Album, 541483-2
This guy finally makes a REAL album!!
It only took YEARS!
But I wonder if it was worth the wait.
Meh. I guess.

Anyways, here's my take on each track...
1. If this track was made to diss Zomboy, why invite the Ragga Twins for such a bad joke?
(Don't get me wrong, though. They do some good on it.)
2. This is actually one of my favorite tracks. Skrillex and Kill the Noise always make a killer combo! The instrumental is more interesting than the vocals, although.
3. This is another one of my favorites. It has a cool, bouncy vibe to it for a KillaGraham co-production. The rest get pretty deep. The vocals are decent, too.
4. Not much to say for this one. I guess you could call it "Brostep at its Finest".
5. "...and ask you what you're interests are. Who you be with." - The Notorious B.I.G. in "Big Poppa"
Also, this is the closest thing to a straight-up drum & bass track you'll get from this album.
6. The title says everything! Yet I can't get over how "Diplo" it sounds. Really, he didn't need Skrillex for this track, but at least they've finished one together.
7. See. Now, this makes sense. Compared to the first track, this is where the RT belong.
No, wait. Nope. This track is still way too harsh, even for me.
8. OK. Now, this one sounds like it was literally made to fascinate an audience of children. I don't think I can put it any better way.
9. His attempt to merge his "new-age" style with that "old-school" club sound.
10. Cool remix, bro. Heard the original. Not sure if he made the song any better or worse.
11. I like the simplicity and the ambiance this song gives out. Though it sounds like Sonny is the one who's singing and Kid Harpoon could be a co-producer.
... and that's my 2¢.