Sleepaway Camp ‎– Snowball Dance

CDr, Album


1 The Moon Is A Button
2 American Chocolate
3 Sis Sis Sis
4 The Sound Of Snow Falling From A Million Miles Up
5 Dayblind
6 Sleepoverland
7 Colleen Is A Death Rocker
8 Snowball Dancers
9 Eskimo Blood
10 Brrr
11 I'm A Skato
12 Sneak Away Into The Cold
13 Crying At Sappy Movies, Sighing At Crappy Movies
14 If Your Heart Is Out Of Tune
15 I Like Your Drawings
16 Who Knew The Dark Woods Could Be So Romantic?
17 Black Eyed Bee-Bee
18 Wild Charlie-Horses
19 Oh Guitar
20 Bad Raspberry
21 Tomboy In Lace
22 Sweet Is The Sound Of My True Love's Jingle
23 I Swear You'll Be The Last
24 When I'm Eighty-Seven
25 The Theory Of Your Terminal Illness
26 The Blood Leaves Your Hand
27 Unwrapping
28 Oh The Noise
29 To Kiss A Mockinbird
30 Back In Violet
31 I Could've Been A Child Prodigy
32 James And Jamie
33 I Will Not Fuck Off
34 In A Tinfoil Bedroom
35 When Next We Meet, We'll Be Asleep
36 You're Missing The Point
37 December Crickets
38 Let's Stay Forever



Recorded on May 13th & June 17th 2004