Sleeping Bag (2), Rozwell Kid ‎– Dreamboats

Jurassic Pop ‎– JP-016
Cassette, Pink/Blue Split


2015 CSD Release
Dreamboats is a collaborative album between Sleeping Bag’s Dave Segedy and Rozwell Kid’s Jordan Hudkins. It was originally released on vinyl and CD in late 2013 by Jurassic Pop, and has since sold out. This cassette is a limited reissue of the collaborative album and will be the other available physical form of Dreamboats currently. Jurassic Pop will be releasing 100 blue/pink split cassettes (blue on one side, pink on the other) Description: Dave Segedy of SLEEPING BAG and Jordan Hudkins of ROZWELL KID met while on tour in Pennsylvania, hit it off, traded digits, started texting each other, and several months later we got their musical love child, DREAMBOATS. Although technically a “split”, Dreamboats is actually more of a collaboration based on ideas they wrote together over a series of email exchanges. Whatever you call it, it rocks pretty hard. Writeup: Dreamboats may seem an unlikely name for an album that focuses on the introspective ramblings of men who spend a lot of time justifying the purchase of expensive samurai swords and eating dog food as a potato chip substitute. But these are the major conflicts considered by this joint effort between Sleeping Bag and Rozwell Kid. Dreamboats plumbs a serious emotional depth that belies its outwardly silly surface. The album balances harmonic hooks with depression; anxiety reveling in alt-rock glory. “Every now and then, I get the urge to decimate something that I tell myself I can’t live without.” Cue guitar solo.