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1 Track 1 6:55
2 Track 2 2:15
3 Track 3 2:30
4 Track 4 1:31
5 Track 5 3:32
6 Track 6 2:13
7 Track 7 9:33



Disc 7 of the "Minerals Series", limited to 100 copies.


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November 5, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
i thoroughly enjoyed this "release", i have searched high and low for a copy.

I recently discogerevered that this was a CDr only!

it is brilliant,i am already a fan of froggy's work, this, to my delight is a total escape from any derived format that frog pocket has ventured upon, it lacks in any kind of melodic or formulaic approach and just IS what it is.

i have never heard anything like it, it is amazing

i believe it is the audible version of the "jam" series (Chris morris), mixed with a bit of Tim Burton, a sprinkle of Terry Gilliam on top, David lynch mixes the flavour's, Salvidor Dali Whisks the egg to which Darren Aronovsky does the battering and consequentially richard Harrison dips Joseph nothing in the Fryer



January 27, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

Okay, this is FANTASTIC stuff we have here... this one hits hard, and it's not for the faint of heart. Something with as much originality, enthusiasm, balance, and thought in it that I thought was gone from this kind of music.

I'm going to take my best shot at explaining what this is... Slug Pocket (appears to be) a side project of Frog Pocket, that doesn't sound too much like his other stuff, with minor exceptions... It's basically really nice (and VARIED) ambient music with very strange original spoken word (by unknown people.) Sometimes it's funny, but it always retains a very creepy vibe, reminds me of adult voices retelling nightmares/bad trips in a very detailed way, it's REALLY interesting and the voice-acting (if it is that, but I think it is) is top-notch.

I really don't want to spoil too much about the contents of these tracks, but the subject matter ranges from granny-eating slugs, eerie and terrifying candles (my favourite track) and optimus prime's face. The only song on here where the voice is near-impossible to make out is track 6, but it has some of the most amazing music, so you don't really mind.

This stuff will creep you out though, the whole album has a very sinister feel, and on many of the tracks you keep waiting for something terrible to happen, sometimes it does, sometimes not :) Listen to this alone, think about it, it's great stuff!

Top notch release, in the must-have category for sheer originality (if not quality). I doubt that we will see anything else like this in a while, but try and grab this any way you can, brilliant, brilliant, mind-blowing stuff, my descriptions do not do it justice. GET IT!

"...and I still can't go upstairs... I'm REALLY scared of that candle..."