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A new project from M. Krutsinger(ex-In Memorium) & M. Nihilist(ex-In Memorium, Lord Gore, Abazagorath).Pro cassette in clear PVC Album. Limited to 100 copies.


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May 25, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
Slumber Room are a duo featuring M. Krutsinger (ex- In Memorium) and M. Nihilist (ex- In Memorium, Lord Gore, Abazagorath) who have come together as like minded artists to create something that is not only different from their usual territiory, but also breathes a less cut-and-paste or watered down take on the fusion of vicious black metal and industrial. Unlike other attempts by some in the past and present to achieve an ideal cross breed of industrial and metal, Slumber Room keeps the (Black) metallic element prevalent resulting in a brutal sonic slaughter of sinister and depraved atmospheres with an industrial overtone. In fact there’s really nothing I can think of right off the top of my head that is comparable to Slumber Room as they are nothing like Aborym and not as symphonic and epic as Samael when thinking about industrialize black metal so perhaps the best way to go about this is to say that if you appreciate: The Slaughtered Lamb, Welter In Thy Blood, Dead Reptile Shrine, Deathstench, and Lord Time then you’ll easily appreciate Slumber Room.

What caught me immediately was the introductory song “Slumber Room” which is a fairly short instrumental consisting of an acoustic passage that reminds me of an ominous and hallucinogenic rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” that abruptly, but cleanly, ends with the sudden industrialized diesel guitar rhythms of “Someone…Anyone…No One…” which pumps along as a horror hallucinatory hymn guided by mechanical rhythms but still feel like precise human driven drumming so kudos for keeping such a consistent handle on that one as it’s almost as precise as a drum machine. Also given that it’s industrialized black metal there doesn’t appear to be any synth/keyboard present until the beautiful and morose classical piano serenade of “Our Shrine”, which is another instrumental but is a full song as opposed to an introduction and does a Hell of a job at breaking up the atmosphere between “Someone…Anyone…No One…” and the last two songs on the album as well as for myself being the final deciding factor in why this EP goes from the usual superficialities of “morbid”, “dark”, ”Occult”, etc. to that of something more psychological and ethereal thus adding a different dimensionality that penetrates the mind of the listener and not the usual other way ‘round. And even though the entire album as a cohesive whole is greater than the sum of its parts I still have to give the most weight to the hallucinogenic mind fuck of “Stellar Death Rites” which, aside from being a very realistically hallucinogenic song that plays out like a glimpse into the sounds and thoughts of a schizophrenic experiencing a mystical vision, “ Stellar Death Rites” is so powerful due in part to it’s foundation consisting of a very repetitive and hypnotic cyclic rhythm pattern that is extremely hypnotic.

It’s very easy to be mentally consumed throughout the sings duration that I’ve noticed many times upon trying to review this EP that it’s even been hard for me to discern where I’m at in the song. The rhythm pattern appears to be marked as “cycle repeat” by a drawn out doom guitar strum in the background amidst the growling and rasping inhuman vocals while the lead guitar in the foreground strikes only a few notes that are delayed out for the duration of the rhythm cycle only to repeat again with their striking and the chord playing out behind them. This is such a seductive album overall that borderlines on dark ambient, unusual black metal, and morbid psychedelia that it’s honestly difficult for me to not hail it as a mini-masterpiece of sorts and possibly even one of THE best No Visible Scars releases to date, and anyone familiar with the caliber of releases on the label will definitely find this statement to be a bold and potentially controversial one.

This is an EP cassette, the music spans about 20 minutes or so (at least) per side and repeats on both sides so you can pop it in and let it play forever. The tape also comes in a clear DVD case with the lyrics visible through the case on the inside.