Small Hours (2) ‎– Kingdom Hearts

Vagary Records (2) ‎– 007
4 × Cassette, Limited Edition, Single Sided, c20


A Sora Part I 10:00
C Sora Part II 10:00
E Sora Part III 10:00
G Sora Part IV 10:00


Limited to 4 copies.


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August 4, 2012

Great release; just worked my way through this and it's one of the more enjoyable and distinctive releases I've recently heard in HNW. Each tape starts suitably with a bit of a song from the games, which then leads into the inevitable crackle. The walls are varied - some calmer, some more active. Some mere pops, others full-on rumble. Most importantly, all are accomplished in their own right and very excellent.

Additionally, the release manages to capture the spirit of the Kingdom Hearts series decidedly well. The artwork, blue tapes and insert breathe Kingdom Hearts; the crackle, led into by KH music, invokes the game wonderfully. Those who have read the recent interview with James Killick over at Musique Machine will be aware of his views on HNW, and this release, I think, is a prime example. Without relinquishing quality, he shows that HNW (and ANW) can concern itself with the bright and fun, too.

For someone who enjoys both Kingdom Hearts and HNW (like myself) this is an excellent release indeed.