Smallpox Aroma ‎– Collection Of Vivisection

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1 Infectious Introligomeganephronic Renal Hypoplasia
2 Suppurative Scrotum Steak Served With Phlegm Sauce And Cream Of Leucorrhoea
3 Amputate, Infest, Bathe In Perchloric Acid And Slowly Excoriate
4 Stench Of Melting Rectums In The Land Of Faecesliquid Devourers
5 Purulentsplattered Enterorrhexis Requiring Intestinal Dismemberment
6 Bloated Corpse's Smegmamingled Excrescence Riddled Hernia
7 Gangreneimprosive Infected Infant Necrolaparotomy
8 A Plenty Of Mushy Rotten Millipede Found During The Proctological Examination
9 Fecalfilling An Abdominal Cavity By Choleraic Extrauterine Fetus
10 Viscerate The Moribund Human And Sell The Gut To The Entrails Fetishist
11 The Granulations Of Postmastoidectoutromy Cavity
12 The Torturous Harmonious Shriek Of Fetuses From The Quadruplet Infected Pregnancy
13 Lapping The Pig Menstrual Fluid With The Appreciative Mood
14 Hysterectomy And Phlebotomization With The Staphylococcal Procedure
15 Stick The Head In The Diarrhoeal Rectum In The Purpose Of Consuming Liquid Faeces
16 Congenital Acute Systemic Arterial Infarction
17 Urinary Malfunction Caused By Malformed Urethral Herpeszoster And Genital Diphtherial
18 Multiple Root Avulsions Of Genital Plexus
19 Xanougathogranulomatous Chocolatecystitis
20 Carcinosarcoma Fermented In Scrotal Cyst
21 Herniation Of Nucleus Pulposus Into The Spongiosa Abcesses Caused By Necroschistosomiasis Japonicumansonaematobium
22 S.L.M. : Systemicrobial Lupusarcomata Mucoserythematosus
23 Nekrowasaki Disease With Entrails Complications Before Age 0
24 2 Coprological Bitches Do The Faecal Copulation In The Morgue
25 Operating Room Pervaded With Carbonized Corpses Powder
26 An Insane Surgeon Forgot His Cock In The Patient's Lung
27 Tetanic Vagina Excretes The Rancid Amniotic Chunks
28 Tetanic Vagina Excretes The Rancid Amniotic Chunks
29 Cerebrospinal Fluid Replaced With Bacterial Semen
30 Pleuritic Hemophlegm Drenched Epitherial Tissue Of The Unverifiable Cadaver
31 Anatomizing Laboratory Celebration : Corporal Glue Consumption Party
32 Putrid Stercoraceous Cerebromeningitis
33 The Scalpels Are Broken By Sadistic Nymphotomy
34 Ophthalmectomy And Cephalotrypesis
35 Carcinosarcocarcinosarcocarcinosarcocarcinosarcocarcinosarcoma
36 Sweet Tasted Lymphorrhagia
37 Intraperitoneal Hyperemesis Vomit Clot Anatomy
38 Lymphangiorchiencephalomatous Prosopothoracopagus
39 New Copropathological Theory Discovered: Postmortal Scoracratia
40 Involvement Of Poisonous Coprophagia Causes Severe Gastric Perforation
41 Embalmed In Saprogenous Rheum
42 The Pulpy Fat From Abdominocentesis Satisfying The Pathologist's Thirst
43 Zymophytefilled Abysmal Mortuary
44 Nephrostomy That Found The Untreatable Nephropyosis: Deep In The Yellow Creamy Nephric Tissue
45 Omphlorrhea: Natural Lymphatic Extraction Of The Body
46 The Scythe Panhysterosalpingo-Oophorectomy
47 The Graceful Occurrence Of Widespread Monstriparity
48 Molecular-Pathological Lochial Pus Identification
49 Insalubrious Pus Bonum Et Laudabile
50 Carbonized Cervical Vertebrae
51 The Abnormal Conversion Of Fibrinogen By The Unimmunization Of The Enzyme Thrombin
52 A Digested Perocephalus Is Found During The Hystereurysis
53 Pathologically Gased With Pyopneumopericardium
54 Hospital Basement Abound With Mushy Carcasses
55 Poisonous Uropleuroclysis (Injecting Pleura With Toxic Urine)
56 Cadaveric Juice Dripping, Anatomists Consuming
57 Morgue Floor Splattered With Intestinal Tapeworms
58 Parasitic Ingestion Of Overgrown Dermoid Cyst
59 Domination Of Bacteria Resulted From Excessive Pyorrhea
60 Liquefying Malformed Spleen In Teratism
61 Nostalgic Recollection Of Urethrorectal Explosion
62 Inverted Intra-Abdominal Surgery
63 Enjoyment Of Sucking Foul Fluid From Abscess Cavity
64 Eversion Of Colon, Emission Of Fecal Odour
65 The Entomopathological Method (Dissecting Applying Insects)
66 The Stench Of The Morgue Full Of Pus-Vomiting Cadavers
67 Warm Swamp Of Rejectamenta Resulted From Vertical Dissection Method
68 Sipping The Acidulous Unidentified Liquid Leaking From The Bodybag
69 Disgusting Hallucination Of A Bloodred Enormous Swollen Corpse Clung To The Wall
70 The Squishing Sound Of Prolapsed Rhombencephalon

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