Sockeye ‎– Eat Meat, Stop The Slaughter Of Helpless Plants

Xenomorph Records ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition


1st Side
A1 Fight For Change
A2 Mincemeat Muff
A3 Charles In Charge
A4 Hamburger Possibilities
A5 Chew Shit Up
A6 Sean Penn
A7 Your House Burnt Down
A8 Kill Me / Fuck Me
A9 Young Elderly Steves
A10 Blind
A11 20000 Lawns
A12 Trainwreck Scavenger Hunt
A13 Wang Boutineer
A14 Facial Disc
A15 Boy With A Bruised Butt
A16 Poop And George
A17 Sockeye Load Blowing Crew
A18 Silverware Sucks
A19 We Are Circumcized
A20 Sexual Retard
A21 Ring Around Your Parents
A22 You Smell Bad
A23 Devil Inside
A24 Hello, I Love You
A25 Carded
A26 Tittyfuck A Coalminer
A27 Freaky Friday Tits
A28 Pave The Earth
A29 Vegetarians Are Wimps
A30 Don't Fuck With Foghat
A31 Date With A Fetus
A32 I Drank A Case Of Beer
A33 Snuff Film
2nd Side
B1 Mr. Tipsy
B2 Cancer
B3 Fat
B4 Fuck
B5 Peter Gunn
B6 Sweet Home Alabama
B7 Fuck Your Cat
B8 Fuckin' Shit
B9 Funeral Chant
B10 Fuck You, Dude
B11 Maureen
B12 Cervix Blues
B13 Lay Off, Dick
B14 Jimmy Fund
B15 Cut Off Your Arm
B16 Big Hat
B17 Anything You Can Do
B18 Slam Dunk Your Ass
B19 Things I Am
B20 Sex Bomb
B21 Satan Medley
B22 Buttfuck Your Own Face
B23 Wheelchair Full Of Old Men
B25 Do They Owe Us A Living?
B26 Your Boob's Poop
B27 Dear God, I Hate Christmas
B28 Peace Is Dumb
B30 Elderly Love Grilled Cheese
B31 Mr. Forehead
B32 Messiah Sandwich
B33 Asshole
B34 Epilepsy
B35 Depression