Sol Invictus ‎– The Collected Works

Auerbach Tonträger ‎– AB 032
27 × CD, Album
3 × DVD
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition


Sol Invictus | Against The Modern World
CD1-1 Angels Fall 2:53
CD1-2 Raven Chorus 5:23
CD1-3 Against The Modern World 1:56
CD1-4 Long Live Death 3:19
CD1-5 A Ship Is Burning 1:47
CD1-6 Untitled 1:31
CD1-7 Summer Ends 3:08
CD1-8 Wolf-Age, Axe-Age 4:14
Bonus Track:
CD1-9 The Joy Of The World 7:20
Early Demos
CD1-10 Looking For Europe 3:04
CD1-11 Amongst The Ruins 2:56
CD1-12 Black Easter 4:03
CD1-13 Untitled [II] 2:35
CD1-14 Heroes' Day 4:28
CD1-15 Hammer Or The Anvil 3:25
CD1-16 Abattoirs Of Love 3:43
CD1-17 See The Dove Fall 7:02
Sol Invictus | In The Jaws Of The Serpent
CD2-1 Angels Fall 3:00
CD2-2 Rise And Fall 2:21
CD2-3 The World Turns 2:53
CD2-4 The Runes 2:12
CD2-5 Gold Is King 2:24
CD2-6 TWA Corbies 1:59
CD2-7 Somewhere In Europe 3:13
CD2-8 Media 1:51
CD2-9 Abattoirs Of Love 5:15
CD2-10 Raven Chorus 5:28
Sol Invictus | Live In Hamburg, March 27th 1991
DVD1-1 Intro/ Rex Talionis
DVD1-2 Angels Fall
DVD1-3 English Murder
DVD1-4 Lex Talionis
DVD1-5 Fields
DVD1-6 Trees In Winter
DVD1-7 Raven Chorus
DVD1-8 Tooth And Claw
DVD1-9 Black Easter
DVD1-10 Death Of The West
DVD1-11 Rex Talionis
DVD1-12 Against The Modern World
DVD1-13 A Ship Is Burning
Sol Invictus | Lex Talionis
CD3-1 Blood And Wine 1:32
CD3-2 Lex Talionis 6:01
CD3-3 Black Easter 4:29
CD3-4 Kneel To The Cross 4:47
CD3-5 The Ruins 2:50
CD3-6 Tooth And Claw 6:52
CD3-7 Blood Against Gold 4:24
CD3-8 Fields 3:56
CD3-9 Abattoirs Of Love 5:23
CD3-10 Heroes' Day 2:39
CD3-11 Rex Talionis 2:24
CD3-12 Wine And Blood 2:29
CD3-13 Reynardine & Abattoirs Of Love (LP Version) 5:10
CD3-14 The Hammer Or The Anvil (From Original DAT) 3:25
CD3-15 Fields 4:07
CD3-16 Abattoirs Of Love (Edit) 3:18
Sol Invictus | Trees In Winter
CD4-1 English Murder 7:24
CD4-2 Sawney Bean 4:13
CD4-3 Gold Is King 6:42
CD4-4 Media 2:26
CD4-5 Looking For Europe 3:45
CD4-6 Here We Stand 4:12
CD4-7 Michael 3:37
CD4-8 Deceit 4:37
CD4-9 Blood Of Summer 2:59
CD4-10 Trees In Winter 3:56
CD4-11 Somewhere In Europe 3:18
CD4-12 Looking For Europe 5:06
CD4-13 See The Dove Fall (Early Demo, 1999 Mix) 7:22
Sol Invictus | The Killing Tide
CD5-1 Like A Sword 6:04
CD5-2 In A Silent Place 6:15
CD5-3 Let Us Prey 8:16
CD5-4 The Killing Tide 4:24
CD5-5 Figures On A Beach 1:26
CD5-6 The Man Next Door Is Very Strange 4:23
CD5-7 Our Lady Of The Missing Presumed Dead 7:42
CD5-8 The Wild Hunt - Something Grim This Way Comes 4:24
CD5-9 A Figure On A Beach 1:28
CD5-10 The World Turns 6:06
(Live At Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
CD5-11 English Murder 3:47
CD5-12 Fields 3:39
CD5-13 Raven Chorus 4:11
CD5-14 Black Easter 2:44
CD5-15 Death Of The West 2:47
CD5-16 Somewhere In Europe 3:51
Sol Invictus | King & Queen
CD6-1 Sun & Moon 3:56
CD6-2 The Gods Looked Down 2:41
CD6-3 Tears And Rain 4:54
CD6-4 The Return 4:24
CD6-5 Lonely Crawls The Night 5:00
CD6-6 Edward 3:16
CD6-7 World Turn Green 4:40
CD6-8 Someday 6:28
CD6-9 All's Well In Hell 7:22
CD6-10 The Watching Moon 4:12
CD6-11 King & Queen 4:14
Sol Invictus | Live
(Recorded At Various Locations Somewhere In Europe 1990/1991)
CD6-12 Against The Modern World 2:35
CD6-13 Blood Against Gold 4:07
CD6-14 Media 2:25
CD6-15 Angels Fall 2:52
CD6-16 Gold Is King 4:35
CD6-17 A Ship Is Burning 2:08
CD6-18 Somewhere In Europe 3:50
CD6-19 Tooth And Claw 4:08
Sol Invictus | Black Europe
CD7-1 Angels Fall 4:13
CD7-2 Fields 3:20
CD7-3 English Murder 5:15
CD7-4 Lex Talionis 3:36
CD7-5 In A Silent Place 4:36
CD7-6 Gold Is King 4:50
CD7-7 Lonely Crawls The Night 4:58
CD7-8 Blood Of Summer 2:18
CD7-9 Trees In Winter 3:31
CD7-10 World Turn Green 4:28
CD7-11 Like A Sword 4:03
CD7-12 Sawney Bean 2:57
CD7-13 Somewhere In Europe 3:20
CD7-14 Let Us Prey 3:01
CD7-15 The Killing Tide 3:52
CD7-16 Death Of The West 2:51
CD7-17 Against The Modern World 2:14
Tony Wakeford | Live In Lyon
On November 14th 1993
DVD2-1 Amongst The Ruins
DVD2-2 Summer Ends
DVD2-3 Abattoirs Of Love
DVD2-4 The Fool
DVD2-5 Lonely Crawls The Night
DVD2-6 Media
DVD2-7 Like A Sword
DVD2-8 Trees In Winter
DVD2-9 Somewhere In Europe
DVD2-10 Fields
DVD2-11 Holy Water
DVD2-12 Against The Modern World
DVD2-13 The Death Of The West
DVD2-14 A Ship Is Burning
DVD2-15 Kneel To The Cross
Sol Invictus | Let Us Prey
CD8-1 Angels Fall 3:52
CD8-2 Fields 3:27
CD8-3 English Murder 5:37
CD8-4 In A Silent Place 5:00
CD8-5 Gold Is King 3:34
CD8-6 Lonely Crawls The Night 4:46
CD8-7 Blood Of Summer 2:10
CD8-8 Trees In Winter 3:32
CD8-9 World Turn Green 4:50
CD8-10 Like A Sword 4:07
CD8-11 Let Us Prey 3:29
CD8-12 The Killing Tide 4:48
Tony Wakeford | Live At CBGB's, New York
CD9-1 Intro 2:04
CD9-2 Tooth &Claw 2:40
CD9-3 Angels Fall 3:04
CD9-4 English Murder 5:15
CD9-5 Fields 3:48
CD9-6 World Turned Green 3:59
CD9-7 Abattoirs Of Love 4:22
CD9-8 Sheath & Knife 5:02
CD9-9 The Killing Tide 4:17
CD9-10 Like A Sword 3:28
CD9-11 Kneel To The Cross 3:24
Sol Invictus | La Croix
CD10-1 La Croix 7:52
CD10-2 The Fool 3:48
CD10-3 Double Cross 2:35
CD10-4 Come The Horsemen 5:04
CD10-5 The Wheel Of The Sun 6:32
CD10-6 The Yew 4:47
CD10-7 La Croix 22:05
CD10-8 La Croix (Live) 3:04
Sol Invictus | Death Of The West
CD11-1 In The West 0:36
CD11-2 Sheath And Knife 5:38
CD11-3 Amongst The Ruins 2:52
CD11-4 Kneel To The Cross 4:43
CD11-5 The West 6:27
CD11-6 Death Of The West 2:10
CD11-7 Here Am I 5:12
CD11-8 Our Lady Of The Wildflowers 5:54
CD11-9 Petals From A Rose 2:32
CD11-10 Come, Join The Dance 6:31
CD11-11 In The West 6:47
Sol Invictus | Above Us The Sun
CD11-12 On And On 3:48
CD11-13 The Coffin Road 4:34
CD11-14 Above Us The Sun 4:40
Sol Invictus | In The Rain
CD12-1 Europa In The Rain I 1:06
CD12-2 Stay 4:47
CD12-3 Believe Me 3:52
CD12-4 Down The Years 4:22
CD12-5 In The Rain 4:41
CD12-6 Fall Like Rain 6:28
CD12-7 Oh What Fun 2:55
CD12-8 An English Garden 4:11
CD12-9 The World Shrugged 4:12
CD12-10 In Days To Come 4:03
CD12-11 Europa In The Rain II 3:23
CD12-12 Hedda Gabbler 8:28
CD12-13 Did You See 4:44
Sol Invictus | Cupid & Death
CD13-1 Cupid & Death I 8:09
CD13-2 Le Lac Noir 6:49
CD13-3 Jardin Du Luxembourg 3:15
CD13-4 La Nuit Est Arrivée 5:27
CD13-5 The Day Of The Angel 6:23
CD13-6 A Rose In Hell 3:50
CD13-7 Heaven & Hell 2:52
CD13-8 Cupid & Death II 7:39
Sol Invictus | Summer Ends
CD13-9 Summer Ends 2:26
CD13-10 Media 1:58
CD13-11 Somewhere In Europe 3:17
CD13-12 A Ship Is Burning 2:08
CD13-13 Above Us The Sun 3:35
Sol Invictus | The Blade
CD14-1 The Blade 3:45
CD14-2 In Heaven 3:33
CD14-3 Time Flies 6:50
CD14-4 The House Above The World 4:31
CD14-5 Laws And Crowns 4:08
CD14-6 Once Upon A Time 6:12
CD14-7 See How We Fall 5:46
CD14-8 Gealdor 2:33
CD14-9 From The Wreckage 6:27
CD14-10 Nothing Here 3:40
CD14-11 Remember And Forget 3:41
CD14-12 The Blade 3:53
CD14-13 Time To Meet The King 4:19
CD14-14 Nothing Here & Remember And Forget (Early Mix) 7:44
CD14-15 Only I Know (Outtake) 3:19
CD14-16 In God We Trust 3:19
Sol Invictus | In Europa
CD15-1 Invocation 2:03
CD15-2 Media 2:58
CD15-3 The Fool 3:20
CD15-4 The Return 3:21
CD15-5 Cupid & Death 4:10
CD15-6 A Rose In Hell 3:54
CD15-7 Believe Me 3:59
CD15-8 Paths 3:13
CD15-9 A Ship Is Burning 2:02
CD15-10 Against The Modern World 2:13
CD15-11 Double Cross 2:35
CD15-12 In Europa 3:11
CD15-13 Sheath & Knife 5:14
Tony Wakeford & L'Orchestre Noir
CD15-14 English Murder 6:48
CD15-15 Abattoirs Of Love 3:58
CD15-16 Summer Ends 2:41
CD15-17 Come The Horsemen 4:38
CD15-18 Ave Maria 2:49
CD15-19 Quartet Noir: Petals From A Rose 3:18
Sol Invictus | Live In Leipzig At WGT 1998
DVD3-1 Ave Maria
DVD3-2 O Rubor Sanguinis
DVD3-3 Come The Morning
DVD3-4 Summer Ends
DVD3-5 Media
DVD3-6 The Fool
DVD3-7 Fields
DVD3-8 Abattoirs Of Love
DVD3-9 The Praties Song
DVD3-10 Believe Me
DVD3-11 The Widow
DVD3-12 Remember And Forget
DVD3-13 In Europa
DVD3-14 Death Of The West
DVD3-15 A Ship Is Burning
DVD3-16 Against The Modern World
Tony Wakeford | Live At Le Caveau, Paris, June 1998
DVD3-17 Sheath And Knife
DVD3-18 Fields
Sol Invictus | In A Garden Green
CD16-1 Europa 4:40
CD16-2 Come The Morning 4:43
CD16-3 O Rubor Sanguinis 4:00
CD16-4 Song Of The Flower 7:47
CD16-5 Ave Maria 3:26
CD16-6 In A Garden Green 9:08
CD16-7 The Praties Song 5:09
CD16-8 No One 4:33
CD16-9 Europa Calling 7:09
Sol Invictus | Live In Villeurbanne
July 1st, 1999 (Bootleg)
CD17-1 O Rubor Sanguinis 3:26
CD17-2 Come The Morning 4:27
CD17-3 In My Garden 4:17
CD17-4 In A Garden Green 6:45
CD17-5 Remember & Forget | Amongst The Ruins 7:17
CD17-6 Media 2:32
CD17-7 The Fool 3:30
CD17-8 Sheath And Knife 5:17
CD17-9 Fields 6:30
CD17-10 Believe Me 4:26
CD17-11 See How We Fall | Laws And Crowns 8:59
CD17-12 A Ship Is Burning | Against The Modern World 6:00
CD17-13 In Europa 4:45
CD17-14 Death Of The West 2:55
Sol Invictus | The Hill Of Crosses
CD18-1 Chime The Day 4:11
CD18-2 A German Requiem 3:38
CD18-3 Black Dawn 4:26
CD18-4 December Song 5:44
CD18-5 Eve 4:14
CD18-6 Chime The Night 5:32
CD18-7 God Told Me To 4:52
CD18-8 The Street Of Many Murders 4:25
CD18-9 Hundreds 4:00
CD18-10 The Hill Of Crosses 6:17
CD19-1 Chimes (Single Mix) 3:31
CD19-2 German Requiem (Acoustic Mix) 3:36
CD19-3 Street Of Many Murders (Demo) 3:13
CD19-4 Hills Of Crosses (Early Mix) 7:49
CD19-5 God Told Me To (Demo) 2:49
CD19-6 Chimes (Intro Mix) 3:08
CD19-7 The Widow (Live) 2:56
CD19-8 Leaves Of Life ('Stella Maris' LP Mix) 3:04
CD19-9 God Told Me To ('Hill Of Crosses' LP New Mix) 4:36
Sol Invictus | Thrones
CD20-1 Gods 5:15
CD20-2 Do And Say 7:19
CD20-3 Gonesville 4:36
CD20-4 Thrones 2:36
CD20-5 Then He Killed Her 5:41
CD20-6 In God We Trust 6:33
CD20-7 Driftwood Thrones 4:36
CD20-8 The Thrill Is Gone 4:36
CD20-9 No Gods 5:13
CD20-10 In The Blink Of A Star 5:24
CD21-1 In God We Trust (Demo) 3:01
CD21-2 Then He Killed Her (Demo) 6:04
CD21-3 The Angel 2:26
CD21-4 It's A Beautiful Day (Instrumental Remix) 5:41
CD21-5 In The Wake Of The Wolf 2:45
CD21-6 Eve (Instrumental) 4:11
CD21-7 Eve (Acoustic) 4:12
CD21-8 Light Me The Candle 7:14
CD21-9 Owl & Pussycat 3:26
CD21-10 Welcome 3:20
CD21-11 Amongst The Ruins (Live In Paris) 2:17
Sol Invictus | The Devil's Steed
CD22-1 We Are The Dead Men 2:08
CD22-2 Old London Weeps 4:43
CD22-3 The North Ship 5:08
CD22-4 A Steed For The Devil 3:15
CD22-5 There Did Three Knights Come From The West 5:41
CD22-6 Twa Corbies 2:42
CD22-7 Semaphore Seasons 5:31
CD22-8 O Death Come Close My Eyes 3:18
CD22-9 The Devil's Steed 4:24
CD22-10 The Edge Beckons 3:34
CD22-11 Where Stone Lions Prowl 8:11
CD22-12 Come Winter Rain 2:15
CD22-13 A Window To The Sun 2:39
CD22-14 The Silver Swan 6:29
CD22-15 Looking For Europe (Version) 4:20
CD22-16 There Did Three Knights Come From The West (Demo) 5:30
CD22-17 The North Ship (Demo) 5:18
CD22-18 The Devil's Steed (Demo) 4:21
Sol Invictus | The Cruellest Month
CD23-1 Raining In April 2:33
CD23-2 To Kill All Kings 4:53
CD23-3 The Sailor's Aria 1:37
CD23-4 Fools Ship 4:24
CD23-5 Toys 3:23
CD23-6 Edward 5:36
CD23-7 The Bad Luck Bird 4:14
CD23-8 April Rain 5:33
CD23-9 Cruel Lincoln 7:59
CD23-10 Something's Coming 4:10
CD23-11 Stella Maris 3:28
CD23-12 The Cruellest Month 5:47
CD23-13 The Blackleg Miner 3:23
Sol Invictus | Brugge
CD24-1 Intro 1:36
CD24-2 Amongst The Ruins 3:08
CD24-3 Sheath And Knife 5:29
CD24-4 Media 2:33
CD24-5 English Murder 7:33
CD24-6 The Fool 3:20
CD24-7 Like A Sword 3:27
CD24-8 The Killing Tide 5:38
CD24-9 Fields 3:12
CD24-10 Believe Me 4:09
CD24-11 Down The Years 4:04
CD24-12 The World Shrugged 4:00
CD24-13 In Days To Come 3:09
CD24-14 A Rose In Hell 3:48
CD24-15 Death Of The West 2:35
Sol Invictus | Trieste
CD25-1 O Rubor Sanguinis 2:48
CD25-2 Come The Morning 4:21
CD25-3 In My Garden 3:34
CD25-4 In A Garden Green 6:59
CD25-5 Remember And Forget 3:18
CD25-6 Amongst The Ruins 3:06
CD25-7 Media 2:23
CD25-8 The Fool 3:23
CD25-9 Sheath And Knife 5:00
CD25-10 The Widow 2:15
CD25-11 Fields 3:06
CD25-12 Believe Me 4:02
CD25-13 See How We Fall 4:09
CD25-14 Laws And Crowns 3:38
CD25-15 A Ship Is Burning 2:55
CD25-16 Against The Modern World 2:33
CD25-17 In Europa 2:58
Sol Invictus | Aprilis
CD26-1 A Fool In April 4:37
CD26-2 Aprilis I 11:02
CD26-3 Aprilis II 6:05
CD26-4 Aprilis III 7:06
Sol Invictus | Rarities
"Sol Veritas Lux"
CD27-1 Angels Fall 4:00
CD27-2 Against The Modern World 2:03
CD27-3 Summer Ends 3:02
"A Mythological Prospect Of The Citie Of Londinium"
CD27-4 Old Londinium Weeps 4:51
CD27-5 Down The Road Slowly 6:21
CD27-6 Eve 5:33
CD27-7 Stella Maris 5:12
CD27-8 The Blackleg Miner 3:11
CD27-9 To Kill All Kings 5:00
CD27-10 In A Silent Place 5:14
CD27-11 Stay 4:25
CD27-12 Black Easter (Live) 4:17
CD27-13 The London Hanged (Elegy Mix) 4:00
CD27-14 The Hangman's Son (Orkus Mix) 4:32

Companies, etc.


This the first edition with a handwritten signed note by Tony Wakeford and one extra booklet with the list of all supporters (exactly 143, all of them with name and surname).

It appears that those two "extras" are included in every copy of the boxset.

There are a total of 270 total copies of the boxset.

The box itself has the catalogue number AB032, and includes these ones:

Sol Invictus | Against The Modern World
Originally issued on L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords as LAY 24, 1988
The Joy Of The World originally issued on Sol Veritas Lux on S.V.L. Records as SVL. 002., 1990
Early Demos previously un-issued

Sol Invictus | In The Jaws Of The Serpent
Recorded live at the Loft Club, Tokyo, on December 19th 1988.
Originally released in 1989 as SVL 009
Bonus DVD
Sol Invictus | Recorded live at the Kir, Hamburg, on March 27th 1991.

Sol Invictus | Lex Talionis
Originally released in 1990 as part of a vinyl box set with
Nurse With Wound and Current 93 as Cerne K0123
CD3-15 originally released on the Yangki Vinyl
CD3-16 originally released on V/A - "Sacred War"

Sol Invictus | Trees In Winter
Originally released in 1990 as TURSA 002 CD & LP
(Catalog number is misprinted as "003".)

Sol Invictus | The Killing Tide
Originally released in 1991 as TURSA 003 CD & LP
CD5-16 originally released on Shock 7" EP

Sol Invictus | King & Queen
Originally released in 1992 as TURSA 006 CD
CD6-12 - CD6-19 originally released on "Rite of Spring"

Sol Invictus | Black Europe
Recorded live at Zwischenfall, Bochum, on June 5th 1992.
Bonus DVD
Tony Wakeford | Recorded live at the Opéra Mundi, Lyon, on November 14th 1993.

Sol Invictus | Let Us Prey
Acoustic concert recorded live at the Concert
Artistes' Association, London, on April 4h 1992.
Originally released in 1992 as TURSA 005 CD
Tony Wakeford | Acoustic concert recorded live at the CBGB's, New York, on January 23th 1993.

Sol Invictus | La Croix
Originally released in 1993 as TURSA 007 CD / ADP 01

Sol Invictus | Death Of The West
Originally released in 1994 as TURSA 008 CD
Sol Invictus | Above Us The Sun
Recorded at the studio of David Mellor, Beaconsfield
Originally released in 1994 as TURSA 009 CD with the lyric book of the same title

Sol Invictus | In The Rain
Originally released in 1995 as TURSA 010 CD

Sol Invictus | Cupid & Death
Recorded at Saturn Return, Lomdon.
Originally released in 1996 as TURSA 011 CD
Sol Invictus | Summer Ends
Recorded in Paris, April 1994
Originally released in 1994 as ADIAPHORA 002 7"

Sol Invictus | The Blade
Originally released in 1997 as TURSA 014 CD
CD14-13 originally released on "In Europa"

Sol Invictus | In Europa
Originally released in 1998 as TURSA 016 CD
Bonus DVD
Sol Invictus (Tony Wakeford & Quartet Noir) | Recorded live at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig, on May 30th 1998,
during the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival 1998.
Tony Wakeford | Acoustic concert recorded live At Le Caveau, Paris on June 18th 1998

Sol Invictus | In A Garden Green
Originally released in 1999 as TURSA 021 CD
Sol Invictus | Recorded live at the Pez-Ner, Lyon, on July 1st 1999.
Nota : the Pez-Ner club is now closed, and was located in Lyon
(not in Villeurbanne as stated on the set).

Sol Invictus | The Hill Of Crosses
Originally released in 2000 as TURSA 028 CD & LP
Sol Invictus | The Hill Of Crosses Bonus

Sol Invictus | Thrones
Originally released in 2002 as TURSA 029 CD & LP
Sol Invictus | Thrones Bonus
Nota : Amongst The Ruins was recorded at Le Caveau, Paris, on June 18th 1998.

Sol Invictus | The Devil's Steed
Recorded at Furfeather Studios London
Originally released in 2005 as DV 50 / TURSA T2
CD22-15 from V/A - "Looking for Europe"

Sol Invictus | The Cruellest Month
Recorded at Furfeather Studios London
Produced, mixed and mastered at The Infinite Studio
A Tursa Production for Prophecy

Sol Invictus | Brugge
Recorded live at the Cactus Club, Brugge, on February 3rd 1996.

Sol Invictus (Trio Noir) | Trieste
Recorded live at Theatro Miela, Trieste, November 28th 1999, during the Musica In Nero Festival.

Sol Invictus | Aprilis

Sol Invictus | Rarities
CD27-7 originally released on "Elegy Sampler #43"
CD27-8 originally released on V/A - "Walking In The Rain On The Ostrow Tumski"
CD27-9 originally released on V/A - "John Barleycorn Reborn"
CD27-10 originally released on "The Killing Tide" Extremocidente issue
CD27-11 originally released on "In the Rain" re-issue
CD27-12 originally released on "Lex Talionis" re-issue

CD24-27 are exclusive to this release.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Stickered): 8 84388 30323 2
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD1): AB 033
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD2 and DVD1): AB 034
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD3): AB 035
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD4): AB 036
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD5): AB 037
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD6): AB 038
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD7 and DVD2): AB 039
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD8 and CD9): AB 040
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD10): AB 041
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD11): AB 042
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD12): AB 043
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD13): AB 044
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD14): AB 045
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD15 and DVD3): AB 046
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD16 and CD17): AB 047
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD18 and CD19): AB 048
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD20 and CD21): AB 049
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD22): AB 050
  • Other (Individual catalog #: CD23 to CD27): AB 031



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June 18, 2011
edited over 7 years ago

Interesting, I notice that both the Sol Invictus song 'Not For Long' and the Tony Wakeford song 'These Cold Hands' from the download only ep 'These Cold Hands' (2005, Woven Wheat Whispers) didn't make it to the box set...