Solemnoire ‎– The Black Sea Workbook

Mole Listening Pearls ‎– (MOLE1274)
10 × File, WAV, Album, Stereo


01 View to a Distant Shoreline
02 Plankton Shimmer
03 Abandoned Campfires (Aerial View)
04 Under a Disapproving Sun
05 Improbable Cloud
06 Forgotten Coast
07 Uncertain Landscape
08 Seaweed Tango
09 Silent Flower
10 Fragments of a Beautiful Day


Solemnoire's "The Black Sea Workbook" is an intimate experience of distance and longing. Inspired by a magic summer in Varna, it conjures up the vision of a primordial world, an imagined Black Sea as it might have been millions of years ago.
Ten tracks pull you into a kaleidoscopic daydream of ancient continents overgrown with tropical green and the deep body of an ocean pregnant with life. A sense of personal revelation fills you as you travel through moments of majesty, melancholy and wonder.
It is your world and your discovery. You who gazes toward distant shorelines, walks under a disapproving sun, imagines the dance of marine lifeforms, and trembles at the traces of prehuman activity. You who is permeated by a sense of longing, for the comfort of a remote world unmoved by human concerns