Sonar (20) ‎– Deltroid & Pi

INQB8R ‎– INQ009
5 × File, MP3, EP, 256 kbps


1 Dubai 5:12
2 Lama Boutique 4:19
3 Central Station 6:16
4 Deltroid 4:03
5 3.141592653589793238462... 5:46



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February 24, 2010

First released in 2006, "Deltroid" opened the door to the development of the new stage of progressive rock mixed with psychedelic and post roots on the alternative mainstream scene. Imagine a hybrid of such bands mixed together like British "Radiohead", Belgian "dEUS", US "The Bad Plus", French "Air", Icelandic "Sigur Rós", which all impress this band's members a lot - and you will get the right clue what Hungarian "Sonar" technique is related to. The only important point to know however, is that Sonar's music presented on their first bomb single is completely vocals-free. They actually not just play standard rock instruments - they talk with them, and the listener may perceive such music information like watching a movie or reading a book. It's specially remarkable that the leading guitarist, which is a big U2 fan, speaks to The Edge sometimes better than predecessor. Additionally, synth parts add completely fresh atmospheres expanding the epic side of such music; despite their artificial origin, they sound more than "live" in result, packing the Sonar's simple yet smart puzzle altogether. For emphasizing the experimental side of music of this open minded band, on INQB8R's edition of the single, we included the most remarkable yet mysterious track from the Sonar's early demo. The whole recording was remastered by INQB8R to achieve more delicate, smart, independant sounding comparing to their public edition tracks, and we also got a special permission from the "Grotesque Design" studio to re-publish their cover art, which gained a lot of international awards.