The Sonic All-Stars ‎– The Sounds Of Star Wars

Pickwick Records ‎– SHM 941
Vinyl, LP




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August 28, 2010
edited over 8 years ago
"You will become totally involved in the Star Wars and you will be powerless to stop it." [taken from liner notes on back of LP]
Some nice stuff here - warm,fat synths and great clicky,synthetic drums played loosely on keyboards [or so it sounds!].
Strangely loungey feel to some of the tracks. Also,those inspired LP liner notes in full:
"Mission Control calling all earthlings - this is a recorded announcement - report to your nearest sound monitor system immediately. Listen Carefully, this message cannot be repeated.
Pickwick International have broken through the inter cosmic barriers with a new and hitherto unidentified sound. This lethal weapon is said to affect the cerebral system, or to put it in earthly jargon, to blow your mind. You will embark on a spectacular, music filled journey into space, to a galaxy millions of light years from your own planet, Earth. Your senses will be stretched to the outermost realms of the imagination as the music pounds through your brains. You will become totally involved in the Star Wars and you will be powerless to stop it.
These are the symptoms noted in the people already affected.There is no known antidote and no one is immune. You have been warned. Pickwick has invaded the musical world. The strains from Imperial Attack can already be heard penetrating the walls of the control room. This message will now self destruct. We have been conquered."
Oh, and my copy has Side 2 label printed on both sides.