Sonic Experience ‎– Def Til Dawn - The True Rave Scene



Intro (Have Your Rave)
No More Music By The Suckers
Mark & Steve (In The Studio)
Can't Get Enough
Mr Big & The Acid House Mania
All We Wanna Do Is Dance
Rock Hardcore
What's The Power Output
Protein (Remix)
Blow Your Whistles For The D.J.
Got To Let You Know
Intro Chief Inspector
Everybody Get Crazy
Summer Of Love
High Court Injunction
Musics Gonna Rule The World
Police Have Stopped It
I'm Rushin
Make Some Noise For Sonic Experience
Acid Is The Future
Driving Home After The P.A.



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May 14, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Def Til Dawn - The True Rave Scene, LP, Album, STUR LP 2
I'm in the process of digitizing my record collection and started with this one. What a choice. Listening to "Sonic Experience - Def Til Dawn - The True Rave Scene" brought back a wave of memories from the heady dayz of rave.
The snippets of taped conversations between the tunes had me remembering when we jumped through hedges to get to raves, when we put one quid in a bucket to bounce around all night to pounding tunes in a disused warehouse. From this perspective the album is priceless.

The tunes themselves demonstrate how good the STUR producers are at their art - all the hardcore sounds and samples are present and correct, having the same effect as the bits in between the tunes - bringing back happy memories.

Listeing to "Def Til Dawn" again made me realise that 'rave culture' in the UK, despite being 20 years old, is something that will remain with tens of thousands of us for many years to come - perhaps indefinitely. Rave on!