Space Mirrors ‎– In Darkness They Whisper

Transubstans Records ‎– TRANS097
CD, Album


1 Shadow Over Innsmouth
2 Silver Key
3 Geometry Of Witchcraft
4 In Darkness They Whisper
5 Rue d'Auseil Is Missing
6 Cats Of Ulthar
Dreamquest Of Unknown Kadath (Suite In 8 Acts)
8 Act I: Chambers Of Azatoth
9 Act II: Through The Dream Lands
10 Act III: From Dylath-Leen To The Dark Side Of The Moon
11 Act IV: Moon Battle Of Cats
12 Act V: To Ngranek
13 Act VI: Face Of God
14 Act VII: Leng/The Crawling Chaos
15 Act VIII: Morning In Marvellous City


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September 4, 2012
This album is quite an octopus! Metaphysical, cosmological, lyrics branded with Lovecraft's occultism, space rock combined to epic prog and silvered with metal, an international line up with musicians from Russia, Italy, USA, UK (Cyndee Lee Rule on space violin) and Denmark, bits of stardust with members of Hawkwind (Davey, Turner) and so on! The list of performers is long and somehow the resulting collective work gives you an impression of overload. Add that the production also tends at times to the same, with too many things at once, tons of delays, echoes, whirlwinds of this and that, etc... You think it's the end? Well it isn't! Add again on top of all the previous long and unending jam-packed improvs! It's somehow a shame because there are good things out there, moments drowned in and struggled by the cosmic plasma; nuances, the balance of instruments in the ... huum can't avoid it .... SPACE!!, all this disappear in favour of the quantity of food cast at you ONCE with one huuuuuge tentacular spoon ... eat, eat, eat more and now eat! There's plenty of acid nutritionals .... enough to hollow your brain! When THIS happens, you may only have reached half of the record!!!!