Space-Saving Furniture Systems ‎– How to Choose the Right Bed That Can Be Flexible and Unique

Space-Savingfs ‎– 2015
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1 How to Choose the Right Bed That Can Be Flexible and Unique


In today’s world where space is a big constraint there is hardly any doubt that we are all looking at ways and means by which we can find space saving furniture and fixtures. Many of us go in for multipurpose furniture whether they are used in the living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. In this article we will have a look at beds that can help in saving space. In other words we will be talking about beds which can be affixed on the walls during the day time and can again be used as beds during night. They certainly help a lot in saving space and at the same time helping the inmates to have a good night’s sleep not worrying too much about the lack of space. These beds are also referred to as Murphy beds and their demand is quite robust especially because the sizes of homes are shrinking for many of us.

Look For The Right Lifting Mechanism

When looking for these Murphy bed it is very important to choose the right lifting mechanism. The two most commonly used mechanisms are spring lift mechanism and piston lift mechanism. The spring lift mechanism ones come with coils which help keep the bed in place when it is pushed to wall. When needed the spring coils can be released and the bed comes down and lands in the ground. The next option is to go in for a piston lifting mechanism which according to many is a better option. It also works on the same principle of spring but instead of coils, it is the pistons which hold the bed in place while it is affixed to the wall. Though piston is considered to be a safer and better option there are many spring coil operated beds too which is offering extremely good services. At the end of the day the choice should be left to the customers.

Choose The Size Of The Wall Properly

When it comes to choosing the right wall bed it is very important for us to understand the importance of the size of the wall. This has to be done with some bit of car and caution because even a few inches short, the wall would serve no purpose. Further the wall should look natural and neat once the bed is tucked inside it.

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