Spectrum-X ‎– Darkest Night Ever

Darkest Labyrinth ‎– CRSX-1
CD, Album, Limited Edition


1 Darkest Night Ever (Intro)
2 Unsane
3 Trick Or Treat (We're Coming To Your Town)
4 Tragic Toll
5 Gnomes Bones
6 Aloisa (Slumber Of Death)
7 Passage Into The Future (Intro 2)
8 ElectroZombie
9 Can't Return Home
10 Holograms Of Sorrow
11 Plasmic Snow
12 Electrostatic Forms
13 Spacial Grave Town
14 Refuge To An Eternal World (Outro)


One night, the sound of the wind through the trees....children walking in the cold Halloween night... Searching for candies and ghosts. Well, now they found them. The Darkest Night Ever is the night you would have never expected, the night you always feared. Ghouls and spirits are waiting for you at the door. And these 2 creatures. Nullifer and CandyBones. Your hosts. Your ghosts. They will accompany you through a trip into creepy tales that will give you a cold shiver through your spine.. A trip from past, to the future...Where they will find Akuma and Saralee...their alter ego... and at the end...what will remain, of this cold, eternal,crystalized, whispering night? The Darkest Night Ever..A black trip to remember ........ This Second Full Length Album By Spectrum-X is the first release under Darkest Labyrinth. After doing many works with Kiwamu and finding out that they have a good creative connection, Kiwamu decided to record the guitars for this album Some songs from Spectrum-X second project TraumaFactor have been used to complete the album, and unite the story

Limited 1000 Copies