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In the track "The FUN Equations", the word "FUN" is capitalized because it's not the obvious word 'fun' (as in enjoyment), but rather a reference to a feature on the Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer. The song title is taken from a section of the K2000 manual (also called "The FUN Equations"), which details the use of (math) functions as modulation sources.

The cover image is an obscure picture of a couple having intercourse "doggy style," a position often said to increase stimulation of the G-spot.


The FUN Equations
Fill 17
Ping Pong
Fill 25
G Spot
The Oil Zone

Versions (12)

Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
WARP LP27, WARPLP27 Speedy J G Spot(2xLP, Album) Warp Records, Warp Records WARP LP27, WARPLP27 UK 1995 Sell This Version
7243 8 37846 2 2, 37846 Speedy J G Spot(2xCD, Album) Virgin Music Canada, Virgin Music Canada 7243 8 37846 2 2, 37846 Canada 1995 Sell This Version
WARP LP27 Speedy J G Spot(2xVinyl, Album, W/Lbl, Sti) Warp Records WARP LP27 UK 1995 Sell This Version
WARP CD27, WARPCD27 Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Warp Records, Warp Records WARP CD27, WARPCD27 UK 1995 Sell This Version
PLUS8051CD Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Plus 8 Records PLUS8051CD Canada 1995 Sell This Version
WARP CD 27 Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) DanceNet, MDS, Warp Records WARP CD 27 Australia & New Zealand 1995 Sell This Version
RTD 126.3065.2 Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Rough Trade, Warp Records, Plus 8 Records RTD 126.3065.2 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
7243 8 378462 2, 7243 8 38170 2 3 Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Virgin Music Canada, Virgin Music Canada 7243 8 378462 2, 7243 8 38170 2 3 Canada 1995 Sell This Version
BMU 008 CD Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Beam Me Up!, Warp Records BMU 008 CD Europe 1995 Sell This Version
SRCS 7639 Speedy J G Spot(CD, Album) Sony Records SRCS 7639 Japan 1995 Sell This Version
PLUS8051 Speedy J G-Spot(2xLP, Album) Plus 8 Records PLUS8051 Canada 1995 Sell This Version
WARP MC 27 Speedy J G-Spot(Cass) Warp Records WARP MC 27 UK 1995 Sell This Version


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February 25, 2017
edited 8 months ago
referencing G Spot, 2xLP, Album, WARP LP27, WARPLP27
A classic by Paap: Ping Pong and G-Spot are excellent tranced out techno; Lanzarote and Grogono blissful ambience; The Oil Zone, Extruma and Treatments stoner-dub-techno; and The FUN Equations' a fine cinematic electronic composition. No doubt one of the choice releases of the 90's.


July 18, 2015
referencing G Spot, 2xLP, Album, WARP LP27, WARPLP27

And then there are folks that claim nothing good came out in 1995. Good grief, this is one of the best techno releases of all time. Fun equations, ping pong and Lanzarote are out of this world.
Any one of these tracks wold be worth purchasing the album.


September 26, 2014
referencing G Spot, 2xLP, Album, WARP LP27, WARPLP27

beautiful production.
speedy j one of my favorites.


September 26, 2011
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, WARP CD27, WARPCD27

An absolutely outstanding album, I love it. Fill 17 is one of the greatest electronic pieces of all time.


April 24, 2011
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, WARP CD27, WARPCD27

I haven't played this CD in years, and was surprised that listening to it now just how good it sounds. The style had moved on from the previous album "Ginger", and in places is very reminiscent of Orbital from this era. For me this is definitely a standout electronic album from this period.


June 19, 2010
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, WARP CD27, WARPCD27

This is an absolute classic album. I have the vinyl stored away and listened to this for the first time in years recently. Just reminded me why i loved it so much back in the day. This wonderfully diverse and atmospheric album is a great piece of art by a fantastic producer. The oil zone is up there with my all time favourite electronic tunes. Nice one Speedy J!


January 23, 2009
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, SRCS 7639

Just in case you were wondering:

The track Symmetry, the Japanese release exclusive bonus track, perfectly complements the otherwise perfect "G-Spot" album. It's a lush excursion into tranced out atmospheres and melody driven techno, something this album has an abbundance of. It has a superb melody, really touching and emotional, with a fantastic pad arousing from the background. The track patiently adds up layers until the subtle percussion is thrown in around the four minute mark. Really deep and hypnotic, so playing it either after the title track, The Oil Zone or Treatments won't leave you with the feeling of being trated to another album.

Another curiosity is that this release has two pages of text inside the CD booklet, but written in japanese though, so I have not been able to read, let alone understand, what the text is all about ;-)


May 9, 2008
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, PLUS8051CD

Speedy J's 1995 sophmore album, "G-Spot" has a very special place in my life when compared to around 95% of releases I have heard or own. It is one of the very few albums which have not lost its place on my eternal top 10 list of all time best albums. As hard as it may be to draw that conclusion, and mainly due to Jochem George Paap's immense and versatile talent, "G-Spot" might be his magnum opus. It builds upon whatever it is that "Ginger" left you with, meaning that the more subtle, ambientish and intelligent exploration of sound is put to the forefront, proving once again that Speedy J can and will go much, much deeper and further than churning out dance floor hits (not that he was bad at doing those, mind you!). "G-Spot" has some really timeless classics, namely the two more upbeat tunes, Oil Zone and Ping Pong, both of which are long, well constructed and deeply hypnotyzing tracks, with witty yet subtle acid synths and swooping melodies, creating multiple arrays of gentle soundscapes. Speaking of soundscapes, the pure ambient classic Lanzarote has been putting ambient music addicts in a state of trance for well over a decade now. Strucutre wise, it is anything but complicated actually, but the way it sweeps listeners off their feet can only be compared to the light morning wind during Ocotber, while it lifts the fallen yellow leaves off of the sidewalks... Long, slow, building drones pave their way out of the speakers directly into one's mind, and wow! I think it's one of the finest ambinet pieces ever, up there with Khulman's finest work. The title track? How can I forget - a classic no doubt, but at the end of the day, there is nothing on this album I wouldn't deem classic.
If back in the day you prefered melody over percussion, if you prefered harmony over stomping beats, if you prefered wandering off with your mind rather than jumping around on your feet, then look no further. Actually, if you like electronic music, look no further either, Speedy J's "G-Spot" has it all. A timeless classic, which I doubt will ever be forgotten.
Essential old school stuff!


November 1, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, WARP CD27, WARPCD27

Am absolute gem of an album. It might not have had the high profile of his early 12" releases, or of 'Ginger', but this is an accomplished, atmospheric and beautiful piece of work from beginning to end. I love the building intro to 'The Oil Zone'.

It's more introspective than 'Ginger', probably because Jochem Paap had just been severely ill before writing it. A bit more rough-edged in places than his debut: heavy use of dub-influenced delay, and some of the beats are quite crunchy, but nothing like his later material. If you see it going cheap on ebay, snap it up.


April 12, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
referencing G Spot, CD, Album, WARP CD27, WARPCD27

This highly awaited (and provocatively named) second album output from Speedy J in early 1995 was another ground breaking release, not only for the vibrantly diverse international house and techno dance scene that literally ate it up, but as a heralded step for an electronic dance artist to actually span the test of time and release 2 complete and heroically received albums (as well as many 12" eps and remixes) within a 4 year period. Few other dance producers could lay claim to such an achievemnet so early on.

Besides his uniquely marketed (and extremely lovable) ethereal composition style of swirling electronic nebulae like layers suspended over rubbery beats and breaks and infused with a bright spectrum of coloured, interchanging melodies, 'G-Spot' is a concrete testament to the early magical imagination of the techno genre, becoming in a certain way, what i would call the re-incarnation of disco or maybe better put, the multi-facetted, prodigious, progeny of disco married with the early 70's new aged vibe of Kraftwerk / Art of Noise / Jean Michel Jarre.

But for me, aside from the continued magnificence of the production, sound quality and story telling composition, G-Spot signals a sharp turning point in Jochem Paap's career. Firmly,(and well deservedly) in the international spot light, Jochem includes three monstrously beautiful and completely astounding ambient landscapes smack-dab in the middle of his 'dance' album! 'Fill 25', 'Lanzarote'... slow molasses-like liquids of melody; bubbling crevices of sulfur-methane, on some distant moon of Jupiter or Saturn. And 'Extruma', an intensely tripped out, inner journey composition built on sub frequency delayed sound pans and bright 'ping' & 'pong' sparks reminiscent of atmosphere inducing halogen or neon tubing lights.

gorgeous. and ground breaking.

For those that sought out, collected and marveled at the intricate beauty of electronic ambient music ala 'Seefeel', early 'Autechre', and 'Beaumont Hannant' make sure to seek out and give this album the listen it is due...

i give this album a 5 out of 5. Thank you Jochem!