Stéphane Marin (2), Espaces Sonores ‎– Matins d'Ariège

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1 Bourrasques 3:56
2 Trois averses 15:29
3 Bourrasque 2:19
4 L'Inquiet 2:59
5 Bourre 0:28
6 Dégel 6:12
7 Brûle la nuit 8:31



!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please experience it (only) on your (best) headphones !!!!!!!!!!!

MATINS D'ARIÈGE is an intimate, elementary and ecological auscultation of the place I used to live in Ariège (Pyrénnées - France). A kind of non-nostalgic "souvenir" which invites the listeners to experience the specific vibrations and the deep energy wich overfows from these simple rural sonic spaces. I'm trying here to share another angle of listening, another "regard", on an intimate countryside world. This landscape that seems familiar at first glance but only before the phonographic framework offers us the vision of a less generic rurality, more dramatic, more fantasmatic, more powerful !

This binaural work is balanced between abstract and concrete sonic propositions and between "raw" and recomposed field recordings. All the tracks are linked with one (or more) of our (western) 4 elements. Ariège is the place to be (in France) for decreasing... Would you take the time to decrease with us all the way to the end ? Really… to the end ?!.

///////// Matins d'Ariège is carbon-free…
No plane and no car have been used to record it !
All recordings were made between 2013 and 2014 in the village of Fabas (Parc Régional des Pyrénnées Ariégeoises, France) mostly with binaural or contact microphones :

"Matins d'Ariège" was composed between october 2014 and february 2015.

///////// Thanks to Enrico Coniglio, Patrick Mc Ginley, Daniel Crockaert, Pali Meursault, Marc Namblard, Felix Blume, Miguel Isaza, and Luis Antero for their careful listenings and their precious reviews.!home/c17ud