Side X
X1 The Landing
X2 Sellin Soap
X3 Pass Time I Remember
X4 Recitation #1, nate sees the storm
X5 A Siren Reimagined
X6 Que Triste
X7 Unhappy
X8 Recitation #2 - Revelation, 1st Variation
X9 Get It On !
X10 Millyrock
X11 Tricknology !
X12 A Shame! aka Canned Pears
Side Y
Y1 Tri ck nol o g y (written in white out)
Y2 Tribute For Malcolm (ALLAH)
Y3 Today's Mathematics
Y4 !Can I Kick It? wit Ah ah ah Brownie
Y5 Tribute for Albert Ayler (Spirit Rejoice !)
Y6 SahBabii-Now, Nation End
Y7 :'-(
Y8 Recitation #4, what about the planet?
Y9 So I go bang bang and shoot
Y10 Wont U
Y11 Recitation #5, the devil Meets Red Burn
Y12 Red Burns jumped the devil
Y13 Let Us Pray
Y14 U Remember
Y15 You Purified Me caveman
Y16 MIKE Sees The Storm
Y17 Take the 'C' Train


"Red Burns" (Recorded live in Medina, 2017)

Each copy has a different colored insert taped to the back. Insert reads as follows:

i seek refuge in the Lord at dawn, from the evil of that which He has created, and from the evil of intense lightness, when it comes, and from the evil of those who cast these suggestions in firm resolutions. dame la paciencia pa’que no me canses. bi-smi-llah al-Rahman al-Rahim.

pork in medina never play fair. do the knowledge. it ain't worth the headache yungin, the stress on Ma dukes having to go through that dam process to visit. cee smart, mysterious and very grateful , the island ain't nowhere close. we must hide our Kings in the future"

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September 4, 2019
edited 26 days ago
Sounds like the kind of record you would find hidden somewhere in an old record store. Like an ancient tome that hasn't been opened in a while.
As for the sound quality, it's fucking incredible. Sounds like it was made for vinyl even beyond just the mastering. There's a quiet layer of surface noise that, instead of being distracting as you might think, actually adds to the vibe of the album. Really impressed with this.

As the other dude said, don't buy this for more than $100. The price of these will go down if you just allow it to. I bought my copy here for $45 like two weeks ago (though my copy had bent corners, which don't bother me.)


January 21, 2019
when you click the link for this on the standing on the corner website it brings you to a paypal page for $100 that really the "retail" price of this release?


January 18, 2019
Bought this on here for $30 like two weeks ago, people asking for more than $100 can fuck right off. Keep waiting, guys, price'll come down again.


December 11, 2018
There was a copy for 33$ yesterda. I put it on my wishlist, obviously today disappeared :'(