The Stanley Maneuver ‎– Confessions 1

10 × File, MP3, 320 kbps


Notes by the artist himself:


Generated by a couple of clearly defined rules using music I loved throughout the year 2011:

1. The project is based on my “Top Tracks of Last 12months” chart, which recorded how many times I played each track throughout the year. Untitleds and my own tracks are excluded from the chart.
2. Each track is generated by putting 3 tracks on top of each other. No effects, no panning, no cut and paste, nothing.
3. The shortest piece (of the 3) determines the length of the generated whole.
4. Every 10th track on the top list is chosen to be put on each other. (First track will consist of the songs that are standing in the 1st, the 11th and the 21th place on the chart, the second track will be made up of the 2nd, the 12th and the 22th etc)
5. When there are multiple tracks with the same amount of listens on the top list, the alphabetical order determines which one is picked.
6. One artist can only appear once in the top 30.
+1 Ten tracks are a LOT for this project, but I wanted to give coincidence a chance.

If you follow these easy steps, you should probably end up with 20-25 minutes of equally disturbing, barely listenable non-music.

If it hasn't been clear enough yet, I used other people's amazing music to generate this nonsense.