Static Tremor ‎– Black Annis EP



Resistance 3:40
Hymix 3:24
Underground Terror 3:39
Strobe 3:52
UHF 4:28
Feel This (Tremor Remix) 3:31

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August 19, 2007
edited over 10 years ago
referencing Black Annis EP, 12", EP, RR02

"The Black Annis E.P." by Static Tremor is a storming six tracker from down-under Australia. Otto Heutling and Peter Heutling (Static Tremor) created a must have record for every hardcore dj. This E.P. starts off with the track where this record is famous for, "Resistance". Opening with a dark synth lead and a sample from Star Trek's enemy "The Borg". Then it really gets started. 192 BPM right in your face with a hard kickdrum and a nervous synthlead which later flips over in a steady driven bassline. Some short breaks gives enough variaty, which also counts for the use of the Borg sample "Resistance Is Futile". This track has never been released on any other format. "Hymix" begins with a N.W.A. like breakbeat which confirms with the use of the sample out "Straight Outta Compton". After the breakbeat intro some scratch samples and the 226 BPM track goes. A compressed bassdrum continues for quiet a while, when its filled in with a high synth pad. A voice sample takes over on the beat. Dark growling gives this song something freaky. Sounds a lot like C-Tank's "Nightmares Are Reality Part 1".
"Underground Terror" is what it is. 240 BPM terror which starts with a hard bassdrum captured in a continues scream.
The break (480 BPM) is also the climax. After the break died out, a dry 909 bassdrum with a dark atmospheric pad. Nice. On the B side things start out differently. "Strobe" is the slowest track (167 BPM) on this E.P. and has a lot of elements from PCP tracks. A sound what looks like Rave Creator's "A New Mind" is accomplished by a dark bass sound which reminds me off Program 1's "Betrayer". Nicely done but not the strongest track.
The fifth track "UHF" is a 226 BPM agressive trancecore track with a real compressed bassdrum, like your in a tunnel or something. The sample 'Don't You Get The Feeling That Everything Is Completly Fucked Up' doesn't provide any happy feelings. The same counts for the samples 'Trip Is An LSD Experience' and 'The Angel Of Death'. A swirling 303 arppegiator sound makes it very trancefull but dark and real fast. This one of my favorites tracks together with "Resistance" from this record.
Finally, to top things off, we end with "Feel This". 300 BPM madness with some MF's samples. Which suddenly breaks down in Cenobite like sounds and again 300 BPM.
All by all a great record with a great variaty of styles but his record is hard to get and well sought after.