Stefan Roigk ‎– Long Overdue. Or A Total Waste Of Audio Flashbacks?

CD, Album, Book


1 The Ability To Deal Constructively With Reality 1:30
2 A Thick Oozing Blob Of Roaring Entertainement 1:07
3 The Capacity To Adapt To Change 0:36
4 The Yearning Deconstruction Of The Formal Context 0:25
5 A Relative Freedom From Symptoms That Are Produced By Tensions And Anxieties 0:19
6 The Crescendoing Rebellion Of Domnesticated Hope 0:30
7 The Capacity To Find More Satisfaction In Giving Than Receiving 2:39
8 Bipolar Illuminations Of Stereotypic Cacophonies 0:41
9 The Capacity To Relate To Other People In A Consistent Manner With Mutural Satisfaction And Helpfulnes 0:48
10 An Equalizing Interpretation Of A Shady Simulaneity 0:19
11 A Total Waste Of Audio Flashbacks 2:29
12 The Capacity To Sublimate, To Direct Ones's Instinctive Hostile Energy Into Creative And Constructive Outlets 5:05
13 The Capacity Of Love 24:23
14 Untitled 2:43


Accompanient (Or A Cheap Immitation Of Background Noises).
The CD is part of the catalog to the exhibition long overdue. or a total waste of audio flashback? presented by the kunstverien celle e.V.
The exhibition took place between january 9 and february 27 2011 in the gothic hall of the celle palace