Steve Bicknell ‎– Lost Recordings - The Collections

Cosmic Records ‎– COSCD001
CD, Partially Mixed


1 LR#1 - Why? & For Whom? 15:31
2 LR#2 - How Can We Know? 10:36
3 LR#3 - When Things Of The Spirit Come First 10:43
4 LR#4 - In Order To Remember One Needs To Know 10:30
New Collections
Ways Of Life & Human Flourishing (17:55)
5.1 Track 1
5.2 Track 2
5.3 Track 3
5.4 Track 4
Reconciliation Through Truth
6 Track 1 5:59
7 Track 2 5:05



6 unreleased tracks interspersed with selected mixed segments from Lost Recordings #1, #2, #3 & #4.

Tracks 1 to 4 are previously released but presented here mixed into one track.
Tracks 5 to 7 are new tracks. Track 5 is a mixed segment featuring material from four tracks. Tracks 6 and 7 are unmixed.



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January 16, 2010

A great concept that works well too. It's a fantastic opportunity for non vinyl heads to hear Bicknell's awesome Lost Recordings EPs.
Each of the four EPs are mixed so you end up with a 10 to 15 mins section that features each track from the original vinyl release.
When I used to buy vinyl Cosmic was one of my favourite labels and I particularly loved the releases by Bicknell himself. Minimal stompers that perfectly reflected the mood and style of the Lost dance floor.
The 'How Can We Know?' segment has some really wonky workouts that used to make mixing them a bit of a trial, but are such good productions that they are incomparable to most other stuff that was coming out at the time.
My favourite EP segemnt is 'When Things Of The Spirit Come First', which sees Bicknell offering up some Purpose Maker inspired chuggers. There's a tribal undercurrent, but these are magnificently juxtaposed by spacey, sci-fi synths and effects.
The bonus tracks (released on 10") wouldn't rank amongst Bicknell's strongest work, but nevertheless are listenable and a nice addition to the package as a whole.
In conclusion this CD is a great retrospective of Bicknell's production skills and flair for doing something a little bit different, which is what Lost and Cosmic has always been about albeit with the dance floor firmly in mind.