Stone Wired ‎– Kristuscorpum

Exabyss Records ‎– SN004
CD, 4 Panels Digipak


1 Submental Lobotomy 7:36
2 Provocone 5:58
3 Fatigueman 3:14
4 Kristuscorpum 4:58
5 Entropon Demon 6:18
6 Nonsoul 5:41
7 Angertek 3:24
8 Forcesodom 4:58
9 Godless 5:07
10 Maggod 2:24



[Weird Minimal Death Electronic Industrial]

The two members of this cruelly ironic project came up with a weird idea with this album. They just ignored the basic structure of the genre of Death Industrial and added some minimal yet well sound designed rhythm section.
The result turned out to be really odd but still remained true to the roots of the genre what makes Death Industrial music the way we all like... deep emotional regression, engulfing hatred suppressed by pain and limitless suffering.
No place here for searching the path leading to God since there is no God anymore !

"Kristuscorpum with its 10 songs almost left the ambient parts behind and formed a kind of minimal electro industrial noise medley instead. All the songs exude anger but not in the primitive simplicity. The music is very creative and imaginative. In the case of Stone Wired you never know what awaits for you in the next few minutes. Stimulating thoughts and hellish deeds. It just ruins your mind through the sounds and then it seals your existence and your fragile soul in stones. " / Subterranean Tenebris Fanzine Hungary 2014