Stone Wired ‎– Proto-Culture

Exabyss Records ‎– SN001
CD, 4 P


1 Bent Bone 3:33
2 Soul Mirror 5:53
3 Individual Lust 5:34
4 Pro-Lacrima 3:29
5 Fake Mantra 4:40
6 Chant Of Abyss 5:01
7 Black Communion 4:04
8 Dweller Of The Deep 1:48
9 Solid Info Streaming 1:23
10 Your Inmost Self 5:26
11 Wounds 0:33
12 System End 4:11



Pain Above All !

Proto-Culture was the first official record of the Death Industrial project named Stone Wired. The EP was released in Hungary by Exabyss Records. That label was back then quiet an odd underground movement dealing with Dark Noise Ambient artists at that time. The two members (mortum and D-mon) of Stone Wired joined the madness and gained some fame with that first release in a town called Szeged where the underground music scene was still omnipotent, untouched and true.
The second record Dweller Of The Deep by Stone Wired took a different direction within the genre of Death Industrial but still remained on the path where the previous Proto-Culture was. More sampler works were added this time. Fragments of speech were used with less field recordings in order to create that fractured emotional atmosphere which is quite a feature of the second EP.
These two audio assaults now are available on this Compact Disc !