Stone Wired ‎– The Original Serpent

Exabyss Records ‎– SN003
CD, 4 Panels Digipak


1 Inherited Perfection 5:03
2 Dementic Tangled Protons 6:00
3 Inhale Death 4:22
4 To Shed The Load Of Blood 6:52
5 Structural Deconstruction Of Vital Organs 5:08
6 Every One Of Us Should Die 3:14
7 En La Muerte 2:51
8 Quanta Of The Angular Spirits 7:19
9 Liberty Is Perished 4:10
10 Today To Die 2:41
11 When They Come To Take You Away 3:40
12 Tears Of The Quiet Ones 9:32



[Sheer Death Ambient Industrial Apocalypse]

Two years after the previous sound act Stone Wired released its fifth record with the title of Structural Deconstruction Of Vital Organs. Brute violent noise structure filled up with a load of speech samplings and distorted vocals. The Original Serpent album as an addition joined the anger-filled menace and made the CD release complete.
The Original Serpent as a demo picked up the new line that the Vital Organs launched as a faithful sequel burst out with agonizing pain and torturing hate.

"Stone Wired got me staggered again with starting the album with female voice. The band always cause me surprises. Unexpected gulfing of sick tunes and screams. Well layered noise structures with mostly deep voices and weird melodies. New way to use samples that never before used in the story of the band and the melodies that bring a refreshing new path to Stone Wired. Inhale Death and Every One Of Us Should Die are more like industrial songs with a strong Death Noise feeling than a pure Death Industrial compositions. The chemical destruction has begun.
The Original Serpent demo which is also the part of the disc was created as a desecration of Christian Spirit. The EP is a sinister destruction. Darkness and death everywhere, weird tunes with samples taken from rare contemporary movies. All the frightening wound opening pleasure of the serpent cumulating in one track Tears Of The Quiet Ones. The album is very original and absolutely recommended." / Subterranean Tenebris Fanzine Hungary 2014