Stravinsky* - Fazıl Say ‎– Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite Of Spring) - Four-Hand Piano Version

Teldec Classics ‎– 8573-81041-2
CD, Album, Enhanced


Tableux De La Russie Paienne En Deux Parties (Pictures From Pagan Russia In Two Parts)
Premier Partie: L'Adoration De La Terre (First Part: Adoration Of The Earth)
1 Introduction 3:07
2 Les Augures Printaniers / Danse Des Adoles (The Augurs Of Spring / Dances Of The Young Girls) 2:54
3 Jeu Du Rapt (Ritual Of Abduction) 1:16
4 Rondes Printanières (Spring Rounds) 3:26
5 Jeux Des Cités Rivales (Ritual Of The River Tribes) 1:36
6 Cortège Du Sage (Procession Of The Saga) 0:33
7 Le Sage (The Sage) 0:26
8 Danse De La Terre (Dances Of The Earth) 1:10
Seconde Partie: Le Sacrifice (Second Part: The Sacrifice)
9 Introduction 4:02
10 Cercles Mystérieux Des Adolescentes (Mystic Circles Of The Young Girls) 2:43
11 Glorification De L'élue (Glorification Of The Chosen One) 1:26
12 Evocation Des Ancêtres (Evocation Of The Ancestors) 0:47
13 Action Rituelle Des Ancêtres (Ritual Actions Of The Ancestors) 3:29
14 Danse Sacrale (L'Élue) [Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)] 4:17



Recorded at "Salle de L'Arsenal", February 1999, Metz, France.

"- Why did you record The Rite Of Spring on your own? Can one speak of obstinacy here?
- There's always an element obstinacy when you're dealing with someone or something that's very special to you- in this case, a work. For me, "The Rite" is very special project. I remember when i was nineteen and alone in a hall of residence at Düsseldorf University. I was at an all-time low, very gloomy, reely deppressed. I couln't even move my fingers, still less play the piano. The one evening i heard "The Rite" on the radio. The music brought me back to life, restored my love of music. It gave me my confidence. "The Rite" represents all of this for me. So, yes, i think you can speak of obstinacy."
(From the interview with Fazıl Say)

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