Stray Ghost ‎– Those Who Know Darkness See The Light

Time Released Sound ‎– TRS025
CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipak version


1 Migration / Refraction
2 Aubade
3 Lay Me Through The Cracks In The Storm
4 Signal / Noise
5 Instructions On Clockwork Recollection
6 A Home For Caged Harmonies
7 The Time Spent Chasing Lost Daylight
8 Tape / Rue Du Ranelagh
9 A Pasage Of Blissful Weather
10 In The Light Of Recent Failures
11 Music For Robert Walser
12 Our Greatest Glory, Gone Unseen
13 Albertine



This album was recorded in various rooms between Paris (Fr) and Canterbury (UK) between the years 2011 and 2012, in varying states of poverty.

Track 4 contains a sample of "Nantes" by Barbara.

Comes as digipak.
Limited to 250 copies.

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November 18, 2012

"A somewhat autobiographical, disparate and ever changing stream of thought. An open invitation into artist Anthony Saggers’ (Stray Ghost) world of continually morbid sounds, a world where bleak reigns supreme and hope a distant afterthought. Those Who Know Darkness, See the Light is an emotionally heavy exercise in deconstructing all things positive and placing misery front and centre. A message sent to indicate the fact that one would only reach a higher level of appreciation for the better things in life after having fully experienced its harsher side.
Minimal at heart, with layered ambient soundscapes forming the album’s backbone throughout and piano bringing some life to the arid surroundings every once in a while, acting as a mirror to the man’s thought process, narrating all things undecipherable and helping aid the listener to a better understanding of the album’s objective. The sound is enhanced with clinically situated string swells, reverb laden guitar lines at points and field recordings, all working towards painting the audience a better picture of what Saggers is going for.
All these elements and sound sources may give one the feeling that these songs don’t belong together, that they in some way or the other don’t form a coherent whole. However, after further, more observant, listens it all starts making sense. It is not about the fragments that make up the whole, rather about seeing the bigger picture. The pieces of the puzzle rarely have the same shape or form, the order of the tracks may not seem to make much sense, the zigs and zags are not pitfalls in the overall scheme of Stray Ghost’s, they are an improvement to the experience. A nod to the non linear nature of our lives, the fact that we’re thrown curve balls all the time and must adapt to them. It’s true that they don’t stray too far on Those Who Know Darkness… and prefer to stay around the main themes of loss, despair and heart ache, but each time it’s done with a slightly different flavour and that’s really what makes it interesting and warrants it numerous listens.
A lot of ambient music often gets lumped up in the “mood music” category and while this description rarely holds true, it very much does so on this occasion. This is not an album you’d want to listen to whilst in a good mood, repeat, THIS IS NOT AN ALBUM YOU’D WANT TO LISTEN TO WHILST IN A GOOD MOOD! It’ll bring you down, leave you shattered, laying on your side eating a pint of ice cream in no time. So why would you listen to it if you’re already down? It’s simple, you’ll realize that there’s most definitely someone out there who has it that much worse than you do, you’ll be left with a new found sense of optimism and you’ll only have a certain Mr. Anthony Saggers to thank for that."
- Reviewed by Mohammed Ashraf for Fluid Radio