Stuart Chatwood & Inon Zur ‎– Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within - Original Soundtrack

Team Entertainment Inc. ‎– KDSD-00081



Japanese version of the Soundtrack from the game "Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within" by Ubisoft.

Comments inside the booklet:

"Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within" is set in a very dark world where the future is doomed and can only be changed by changing the past. The Prince is also more mature. He has become a master warrior who is fleeing from a supernatural threat and fighting for his very survival.

With this music, we wanted to immerse the player into a world where nowhere is safe. The music creates a heavy atmosphere, with a sense of imminent danger that keeps the player on the edge.

This is why we chose to go for a heavy-metal style of soundtrack. It has the perfect sound for the game is darker and more raw in terms of sound and music. Even if some sounds were kept from the previous opus, most of it had to be re-done entirely. The Prince is now more brutal in his action and we tried to support that with sounds as well as with music.

The Prince is always on the move. He is always running, fighting or solving a puzzle. In a word: always active and never idle. This is why we wanted the music to reflect the nature of the character. The soundtrack has to keep the rhythm of the game.

Another challenge was to mix the heavy-metal direction chosen with the unique Persian influence that makes the universe the universe of Prince Of Persia different from any other game. For some tracks we mixed traditional indian instruments with modern day sounds, to create a good balance between Persia and rock guitars!

The direction we took is darker and the middle-eastern elements are more subtil this time around and are mostly found in the exploration cues.