Stunt Rock ‎– Collection Of Throwaway Compilation Appearances, Most Of Which Are Total Garbage

9 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps


A collection of previously released compilation appearances.
1. Original track by Friday Night (Serengeti, Hi-Fidel, Grilla & Ish). From the album Friday Night Remixed.
2. From the compilation Monsters of Cock Rock Disco.
3. From the compilation Ye Olde Barn Compilation.
4. Originally appeared on The Consumers Research and Development Label (RIP) release Hazardous Materials.
5. From the Compilation D-Trash Rising Tide. Also appeared on Afterbirth Records 01 Compilation.
6. Originally from Drop Bass Records - Midwest Hardcorps 3. The requirement was to use Eminem vocal samples which was a bad idea from the get go.
7. Originally for release as part of the much delayed Murder Was The Case Remix Project (2000-2001).
8. Originally released as part of the Conceptual Chaos release Way To Go Dumbass Remixes (CCLTD001).
9. Originally released on Addict003. Part of this song comes from This Is Stunt Rock Volume One.