Stunt Rock ‎– The Pinnacle Of Mediocrity

D-Trash Records ‎– DTRASH029
CDr, Compilation


tracks 1 & 2: from the rabbits/stuntrock split cd (clfst009, 2001)
tracks 3 & 4: from various compilations (2000 / 2001)
tracks 5 - 11: from "stunt rock volume two" cd (clfst008, 2000)
track 12: from venetian snares/stunt rock split cd (clfst007, 1999)
tracks 13 - 16: from "stunt rock volume one" cd (clfst003, 1997)
tracks 17 - 19: from "regret - the musical" (clfst010, 2001)

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DTRASH029 Stunt Rock The Pinnacle Of Mediocrity(19xFile, MP3, Comp, VBR) D-Trash Records DTRASH029 Canada 2001



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September 6, 2008
If you can get past the samples that Stunt Rock uses and how he uses them, this is a pretty good album.
Some select favorites:
Both the tracks from his second split. For the better part of Don't Touch Me Unless You Are Gonna Play With My Balls, which appears to sample, among other things, a sermon, I can always picture a church being propelled into outer space. And I'm Sick And Tired Of Acting Even Remotely Interested In What You're Talking About always brings to mind people in tartan shirts, overalls, and cowboy hats break dancing, even if the lyrics to the square dance theme suggest that the dancers have sex with their dance partners. ("Take your feller by the hand, welcome him to the promised land!" "Take yer lady be the arm, take her out behind the barn!")
Way To Go Dumbass Project. The Caretaker-style use and abuse of the horn loop, the piano loop, the hip-jop samples and the cut-and paste sampling seem to do justice quite well.
I Can't Believe I Ate You Out (Grandfather Version). This is one calliope you don't want on your merry-go-round. That is, unless you feel like footing some therapy bills. It's pretty funny, actually.
Really Harsh Noisy Breaks Don't Cover For Lack Of Talent, or Do They? It starts with V/Vm style use and abuse of samples, then it goes straight to an edited baritone, shouted vocals, and a full speed attempt to pound your brain into a state of submission.
I Can't Wait Till This Road Turns Into Two Lanes So I Can Pass This Stupid Fuck. If Datach'i's Evolving As One can be compared to Iannis Xénakis, I guess I can get away with this: I Can't Wait Till This Road Turns Into To Lanes So I Can Pass This Stupid Fuck sounds, to me, like Stunt Rock's response to Shitmat.
Girls Don't Like Me: This is an example of Stunt Rock's samples throwing off his work. With the creepy organ droning away and stabs of static electricity as part of percussion, this song ends up reminiscent of Blitters and Hrvatski's Nuclear Cats Get New Home, but the high school health film samples and the genitalia-obsessed ranting might turn heads... away.
The Tracks from Regret The Musical. We'll See What's So Fucking Funny When I'm Fucking Dead features a neat contrast between, the beautiful xylophone loop, accompanied with thudding and banging drums, and the vocal samples, which are anything but serene. Afraid Of Everything And So On continues this point with an upbeat guitar loop and depressing vocal samples. If I'm Not Sincere Enough, Let Me Know And I Will Squint More, balances instilling hope in in the listener and robbing the listener of it. With the beautiful piano and choir loop, this song ends the album right, but with its vocal samples, it wouldn't be out of place in the scene in Dr. Strangelove where they drop the nukes in place of We'll Meet Again.
On the other hand, Hollow Points For The Snitches requires the listener to build up a tolerance to get used to it, sounding kind of like a remix of something from Merzbuta at points, and Richard Pryor's Face Catching On Fire As He Freebases Cocaine In The 80's, while a good gabber track, relies too much on the re-sequencing of a comedy routine so it sounds like the kind of thing that makes adolescent boys snicker.
But, all in all, it's a good album and a good compilation, and, above all, it's still in print as of this writing, which, judging by most of his works' print runs, is a good thing.