Stunt Rock ‎– The Pinnacle Of Mediocrity

D-Trash Records ‎– DTRASH029
19 × File, MP3, Compilation, VBR


1 Don't Touch Me Unless You Are Gonna Play With My Balls. 4:02
2 I'm Sick And Tired Of Acting Even Remotely Interested In What You're Talking About. 4:02
3 Murder Was The Case Remix Project. 3:33
4 Way To Go Dumbass Project. 3:54
5 There Is No Selling Out If You Never Bought In. 3:32
6 I Can't Believe I Ate You Out (Grandfather Version) 2:32
7 Really Harsh Noisy Breaks Don't Cover Up For Lack Of Talent, Or Do They? 3:45
8 Anyone Who Names A Track "So & So Can Kiss My Such & Such Ass" Can Kiss My (adjective) (noun) Ass. 3:02
9 I Can't Wait Till This Road Turns Into Two Lanes So I Can Pass This Stupid Fuck. 3:01
10 If I Would Have Opened With A Noise Track, Everyone Would Think I'm Tough Right? 3:02
11 All The Baggy Pants In The Worlds Won't Change The Fact That You Are One Ugly Bitch. 4:01
12 Girls Don't Like Me. 5:54
13 Hollow Points For The Snitches. 3:59
14 Richard Pryor's Face Catching On Fire As He Freebases Cocaine In The 80's. 6:37
15 Please Typeset This Document. 3:09
16 Be Sure To Wear Baggy Pants And A Visor, Pussy. 1:57
17 We'll See What's So Fucking Funny When I'm Fucking Dead. 3:56
18 Afraid Of Everything And So On. 4:21
19 If I'm Not Sincere Enough, Please Let Me Know, And I Will Squint More. 5:28


Tracks 1-2 from the Rabbits/Stuntrock Split CD.
Tracks 3-4 from various compilations.
Tracks 5-11 originally appear on Stuntrock Volume II.
Track 12 from Venetian Snares/Stuntrock Split CD.
Tracks 13-16 from Stuntrock Volume I.
Tracks 17-19 from Regret (the musical) CD.

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