Sunday Brunch ‎– Midsummer

Svek ‎– SK034
Vinyl, 12"


A1 Midsummer Day 7:19
A2 Midsummer Night (Original Mix) 5:57
B Honung 5:15


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August 1, 2017

This is one of the label's highlights. Mind blower from a mind blowing catalog.


January 16, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
remove the female vocal part from "Midsummer",please..
"Honung" is a proper beauty, from start to finish - not a single wrong foot..One of my personal faves by Forme.. Same could be told about Midsummer - if there was one mix of the track where the female vocalist took a short break..i understand it's producer's sister, and telling her she didnt belong to this piece might sound harsh, but it's true - or at least it's an opinion of quite a few ppl i discussed this with.

Honung alone makes it an all time faverite record, but the disappointing conclusion of the Midsummer is always there, whispering at the back of the head, that maybe...the producer still has a few unreleased mixes in his vaults..and maybe someday one of those might get exposed ;)



July 24, 2016
edited over 4 years ago
I'm surprised that none of the comment below are mentioning the B side Honung which is for me the best track on this EP, when that bass kicks in together with this piano, man...respect to Svek which manage to produce countless high quality EP's.


December 15, 2005
edited over 15 years ago

The first time I heard this track was in July 1999 at 9.30 a.m. at a party to celebrate the third birthday of Belgium's top notch deephouse club at that time: Food. I still remember this very clearly because it was an especially hot day in an especially hot summer. I've had been dancing all night like a maniac and since about 6 o'clock I was still going fierce on dj Geoffroy's excellent set consisting of prime of all prime tracks, as usual. Due to everybody's fatigue (obvious) the records were played at a moderate pass so that the 100 headstrong people left on the dancefloor could keep up. It was still very hot inside the club and while smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer to ease my sore throat Geoffroy just threw in 'Midsummer Night'. Instantly a big smile appeared on my face and I noticed that this was the case for about everyone. It just felt like a cool melancholic breeze coming down to chase the enormous heat away. A very strange experience, as if the track was just made for that particular moment in time. Everything fits: the built up, the disco elements, the groove, the vocals, the FX. I got hold of the track's name a short while after when my brother picked up 'The Lords Of Svek - Galaxy' compilation in London. I wasn't surprised that Midsummer Night was released under the Svek imprint. Their whole 12" catalogue is essential stuff.


August 8, 2005
edited over 15 years ago

A bit slow tempo wise for mixing in to the average house set, the A-Side is a bona fide classic with the Seba/Forme half of Sunday Brunch dominating the production on Midsummer Night. A little known fact is that this track was initially offered to LTJ Bukem for the Earth series. In a not so uncommon mental lapse, Bukem and Good Looking passed on the opportunity and the gem surfaced on Svek. Seba himself performs the quote in the introduction, while Seba's sister sings the main chorus. His sister also makes a brief appearance on Seba's "Valley of the Moomins" released on Good Looking.


March 13, 2005
edited 4 months ago

'Midsummer Nights' is a lost gem, all-time classic of moody, melancholic deep house...another of these perfectly titled records, starting with a guy talking (with swedish accent) about these long mid summer nights up north where the sun never really disappears...'and before you realize it, it's a new day!', which makes the listener actually feel THERE...then a break, and enters this sugary, angelic girl voice coming in with a perfect coolish disco bassline.
I long thought that Jesper Dahlback was involved in producing this tune (as he is part of Sunday Brunch), but apparently the only producer on this track is actually Sebastian Ahrenberg (aka Seba, absolute hero when it comes to atmospheric drum'n'bass ; also known as Forme on a deep-house incarnation) ; anyway the tune still is a late 90s laid-back classic, championed in Paris by Ivan Smagghe on Radio Nova at the time. Absolutely essential.