Suppression / El Kaso Urkijo / ¡Pus Del Recto!* ‎– Split Tape

B-Gore Records ‎– BGR-42, Chaotic Noise Productions ‎– CNP 19

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A1 Suppression Guilty Of Thinking
A2 Suppression Human Nature?
A3 Suppression Vomit On Their Rules
A4 Suppression Single File
A5 Suppression Stagnate
A6 Suppression Vacant
A7 Suppression Intravenous
A8 Suppression Spineless
A9 Suppression Unable To Stand
A10 Suppression Overdose
A11 Suppression Zodiac
A12 Suppression Choice Kill
A13 Suppression -7-4-94-
A14 Suppression Labeled As Subhuman (Genocide)
A15 Suppression Conditioned Hatred
A16 Suppression Manipulate
A17 Suppression Bleak
A18 Suppression Evolved To Violence
A19 Suppression Fountain Of Life
A20 Suppression Enslave
A21 Suppression Super Soldier
A22 Suppression Elite
A23 Suppression Strangehold
A24 Suppression Enema
A25 Suppression Desensitized
A26 Suppression Plastic
A27 Suppression Osama
A28 Suppression Disembowel Ripoffs
A29 Suppression Salt In The Wound
A30 Suppression Machines Of War (Instrumental)
A31 Suppression Heliogabalus (Bill And Jason)
A32 Suppression Improvisational (Sound/Noise/Percussion)
Drums – Bill*Keyboards [Keyboard Generated Noise] – Will CarrPercussion – Jermflux
A33 Rectal Pus Drunk Outlook
A34 Rectal Pus Decapitated Fascist
A35 Rectal Pus Clique Mentality
A36 Rectal Pus Rocknroll Swindle
A37 Rectal Pus Things Can Only Get Better
A38 Rectal Pus Piece Of Shit Smellbag
A39 Rectal Pus B.I.A.D.M.
A40 Rectal Pus Spineless Informant
A41 Rectal Pus Old School / New School, Fuck You I'M Out Of School
A42 Rectal Pus Fear Of Not Being Labeled
A43 Rectal Pus Never Mind The Noise
A44 Rectal Pus Punkfashionoigeek
A45 Rectal Pus A True Rebel Always Has A Mohawk
A46 Rectal Pus Acceptance Is So Nifty
A47 Rectal Pus Backstabber
A48 Rectal Pus Semen In The Eyesocket Of Rush Limbaugh
A49 Rectal Pus Toothbrush In The Pancreas Of Henry Rollins
A50 Rectal Pus Legalize Marijuana
A51 Rectal Pus True Punk Is On MTV
A52 Rectal Pus Rednecknoisegoogaybashscum
A53 Rectal Pus Another Realm
A54 Rectal Pus Shackled Down
A55 Rectal Pus Laughing At The World 1995
A56 Rectal Pus Piss On Your Doc Martens
A57 Rectal Pus Part Of The Past - Stay Here
A58 Rectal Pus Anal Spew
A59 Rectal Pus Swimming Pool Crust Fest
A60 Rectal Pus You'll All Get Yours, Fuck Face!
A61 Rectal Pus Pig Nation
A62 Rectal Pus All Male Nude Fest - Our House
A63 Rectal Pus Boycott Homophobic Noise
A64 Rectal Pus Stinky Buttfinger
A65 Rectal Pus Meat Eating Vegan
A66 Rectal Pus B.Y.O.W.
A67 Rectal Pus The THC Continues
A68 Rectal Pus The Last Cryptic Slaughter Album Was Pathetic
A69 Rectal Pus From HC To Metal - Big Bucks And A Touring Bus
A70 Rectal Pus A New Form Of Terrorism
A71 Rectal Pus Whirlwind Castration
A72 Rectal Pus I Was A High School Outcast - And I Can Still Live With Myself
B1 El Kaso Urkijo Intro "43 Victims"
B2 El Kaso Urkijo Llueven Kagarrinas
B3 El Kaso Urkijo Sepultado Entre Mentiras
B4 El Kaso Urkijo Sexphonomania
B5 El Kaso Urkijo Kobi
B6 El Kaso Urkijo Kreo Ke Estoy Muerto
B7 El Kaso Urkijo Civilization?
B8 El Kaso Urkijo Saltarin Sarro Of Semental Katarro
B9 El Kaso Urkijo Empastakraneos
B10 El Kaso Urkijo Untitled Impro.
B11 El Kaso Urkijo Embozatrakeas
B12 El Kaso Urkijo Atomic Ending
B13 El Kaso Urkijo Nuclea Avalanche Destruction
B14 El Kaso Urkijo La Matanca Del Por
Written-By – Ronya (2)
B15 El Kaso Urkijo Nostalgia
B16 El Kaso Urkijo Kontruyendo La Destrucción
B17 El Kaso Urkijo Kaniche Makillado De Black Metal Le Folla El Kulo Un Mulo
B18 El Kaso Urkijo Kaniche Devora Nazis
B19 El Kaso Urkijo Drowned Gilipollas
B20 El Kaso Urkijo Le Kortaron Las Unas Kon Una Sierra
B21 El Kaso Urkijo Guardame La Oreja En El Kajon
B22 El Kaso Urkijo Esparciendo Tripas En La Moncloa
B23 El Kaso Urkijo Degollando Gratis
B24 El Kaso Urkijo Kanival Society
B25 El Kaso Urkijo Porno Noise? (Only For Rednecks)
B26 El Kaso Urkijo Hablame De Tu Grano (Old Version)
B27 El Kaso Urkijo Zine Rip-Off Fuck Off!
B28 El Kaso Urkijo Sois Mas Nazis Ke Los Nazis
B29 El Kaso Urkijo Adoptive Head
B30 El Kaso Urkijo En La Nada No Hay Nada
B31 El Kaso Urkijo El Kaso Urkijo
B32 El Kaso Urkijo Animal Liberation
B33 El Kaso Urkijo Ultra Vida
B34 El Kaso Urkijo Kaniche Asesino
B35 El Kaso Urkijo Deskuartizando La Trankilidad
B36 El Kaso Urkijo Sinister Funeral / Rekiem
B37 El Kaso Urkijo Impro. Untitled
B38 El Kaso Urkijo Outro "Grandisimo Hijo De Puta"
B39 Rectal Pus Twisted Pervert
B40 Rectal Pus Rich Kid Punk, Take A Bath In Your Parents' Sparkling Clean Bathtub, Stinky
B41 Rectal Pus Monkey See, Monkey Do
B42 Rectal Pus A Scene Full Of Fuckheads
B43 Rectal Pus Choke On Emo Records, Mate!
B44 Rectal Pus Geek Anthem
B45 Rectal Pus Blessed With A Small Penis
B46 Rectal Pus What Happened To Good HC Without Metal Mosh Parts
B47 Rectal Pus Straight Edge Messiah
B48 Rectal Pus Rocknroll Suicide Squad
B49 Rectal Pus Stool Sample Sandwich
B50 Rectal Pus Feedback
B51 Rectal Pus -Rectal Pus, Acoustic-
B52 Rectal Pus Motherfucker
B53 Rectal Pus Greasy Bumps
B54 Rectal Pus My Scrotum
B55 Rectal Pus Streetcleaner
B56 Rectal Pus -Session Of 2-Man, Homemade Drumkit Violence-


  • Bass, VocalsBilldo (tracks: A33 to A72, B39 to B56), Juan "Obeja"* (tracks: B1 to B38)
  • Bass, Vocals, Bass [Bass Generated Noise]Jason* (tracks: A1 to A32)
  • Drums, PercussionHog (4) (tracks: A1 to A32)
  • Drums, VocalsJordi "Popeye"* (tracks: B1 to B38), Weird Stan (tracks: A33 to A72, B39 to B56)
  • GuitarDarkness (8) (tracks: B1 to B38), Dave* (tracks: A1 to A32)
  • Guitar [Noise], SamplerBill* (tracks: A1 to A32)
  • Guitar, Recorded ByScotty Pus (tracks: A33 to A72, B39 to B56)
  • VocalsBill Prick (tracks: A33 to A72, B39 to B56), Davey* (tracks: A1 to A32)
  • Vocals, DrumsHoward The Fuck (tracks: A33 to A72, B39 to B56)


A1-A16, A20-A29: Recorded live at Kingshead Inn, Norfolk, VA on May 27, 1995
A17-A19, A32: Recorded live at Nite Lites, Roanoke, VA onJune 17, 1995
A30, A31: Recorded live at the Texas Two-step, Greenville, NY on June 12, 1995.

Recorded live between 1989 and 1994 in Spain (ha!)