Swollen Organs / Aqua-Eroticum ‎– Swollen Organs / Aqua-Eroticum

Cassette, Limited Edition, C30


A1 Swollen Organs Fuckcage 7:12
A2 Swollen Organs Fashioning A Shank For Revenge 7:14
B1 Aqua-Eroticum Intoxication / Detestation 5:18
B2 Aqua-Eroticum Dehumanize! 3:24
B3 Aqua-Eroticum Red Red Red 6:11


Edition of 50. Case contains insert and is bound in twine.



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March 1, 2015
"I am pretty sure I've said this before but I am gonna repeat it anyways.
SWOLLEN ORGANS just seems to be getting better and better with each release.
While the early works were more lo-fi and raw...The newer material sounds more
focused, fuller and deadly.The tracks presented here are louder and injected
with a heavy dose of sinister ambiance that dwells below and keeps things
moving forward.Vibrating electronics and pulses over moaning sub-bass open
up the album.Strange rhythms that sound like they were created out of the
sounds of panicked heavy breathing can be heard repeating like a wordless
mantra as vulgar yet humorous samples lead us into blasting distorted noise
and high end tones that sound like a rusted and un-oiled contraption of some
sort scraping and shambling it's way down the road.Semi-distant distorted vocals
come in pissed of shouts...It sounds like SWOLLEN ORGAN's despise everything in
the room and everyone close enough to hear about it is gonna hear about it.Passages
of low rumbling sub-bass and high frequencies take over as pitched shifted spoken
words are heard in a low and miserable tone...Like a last recital from someone right
before they pull the trigger and blow their head all over the wall...Scrapping noises
and rising pulsating drones take us into another harsh assault of sound only this time
it is twice as pissed off and totally fed up.The vocals are magnificent and strike out
like furious fists.Feedback cuts through thick strands of distorted noise with the
sharpness of your moms favorite kitchen knife and then we fade into track two.
Dizzying high end frequencies climb and fall over rustling rhythms that sound
like some depressed hoarder shambling through the mess that has become their
life.After a while it begins to sound like someone digging through the trash...
Discarding aluminum cans and glass bottles carelessly as they search for something
worth while.Low spoken vocals warped with effects narrate the track as it lurches
along in a slow, depressing crawl.Moody, miserable and bleak.Someone has to be
going through some shit to make music like this.Repeating words in a dark and
sarcastic tone play out over a mind numbing drone with no end in sight...All
while the rustling of garbage continues to form a skeleton for the track to
build off of.The SWOLLEN ORGANS side ends with the sounds of spilling trash
and broken dreams...Life is beautiful.


The AQUA-EROTICUM side does well to compliment the dreary and murky atmospheres
established by SWOLLEN ORGANS and expands on them even more...It sounds like
serial killer music.Stuff to play in a dingy basement with poor lighting while
planning out how to dismember and dispose of a body without anyone making any
connections that could lead to hard time.Gloomy drones gleam like a knife neath
the moonlight as additional electronic layers and textures build and shift.High
end feedback rings and resonates in the air as thick synths hang heavy.Distorted
vocals come in gruff screams and dripping slobber...Fed up and aiming to kill.
Uneasy vibes flow like a current of negativity...Everything is slow and serious
with a grim outlook.The feedback sounds like and creates visions of rusty chains
and meat-hooks swaying in a basement that doubles as a work space for someone with
something to prove.This is pure violence channeled through electric sound.The energy
is so strong here that you can literally feel it...Hateful and aggressive as fuck but
without ever needing to be overly harsh...A slow kill...The kind where there murderer
enjoys and takes in every second of the act.Waves of static sill out over looped and
grinding rhythms that sound similar to large concrete slabs being dragged across a
cement floor...Or perhaps the lid of a crypt being slowly dragged upon or shut over
and over again.Hate soaked vocals laced in misanthropic carelessness dance with well
placed feedback that seems to enhance the point of each word.Fairly minimal in approach
and execution but without being dull.Sub-bass quakes come like rolling thunder from
bloated black clouds above your household.The rhythms morph while the overall tone
and quality of sound stays the same.Scraping noises join in a little later and sound
like someone laying waste to sheets of scrap metal with a crobar.Like before it sounds
furious but still slow.A long drawn out bout of rage.Thick static is added and cracks
through the speakers soon to be joined by vocals intoxicated with spite and contempt.
The overall tone is bitter and disgusted...Where SWOLLEN ORGANS seemed a little more
self loathing and fed up, AQUA-EROTICUM delivers like someone ready to kick your ass
in the parking lot of a bar...Shirt off,reckless and with no fucks given.


8/10" From Traumatic Static Webzine http://traumaticstaticwebzine.blogspot.com/2015/02/review-swollen-organsaqua-eroticum.html