Sykurmolarnir* ‎– Á Guðs Vegum

Smekkleysa ‎– SM28


1 Water (Remix)
2 I'm Hungry
3 Dear Plastic
4 Hit
5 Delicious Demon
6 Bravo Pop
7 Vaselini (The Human Seeds)
8 Vitamin
9 Birthday
10 Blue Eyed Pop
11 Tidal Wave
12 Leash Called Love
13 Hetero Scum
14 Motorcycle Mama
15 Köttur
16 Pump (Remix)


The back cover lists:

"Track 1 - Reykjavík ´87 - Prag ´90
Track 2-5 - Roseland, New York ´92
Track 6 - Bearsville ´91
Track 7 - Planet Zorg ´91
Track 8-10 - Warfield Theatre, San Fransisco ´92
Track 11-14 - Iguanas, Tijuana ´92
Tack 15 - Verið, Reykjavík City ´86
Track 16 - Prag ´90"

Some additional information:

Track 1 audio is Bryan 'Chuck' New Mix of Water with unknown lady in blue colour shown first and then city scenery videos from Prag.

The date of tracks 2-5 concert is 1992-04-17.

Track 7 is also recorded in Bearsville where the Sugarcubes were making their third album 'Stick Around For Joy'. The 'Planet Zorg' seems to indicate that 'Vaselini' is quite different song compared to others. It is a heavy metal thing sung by Siggi with Bragi in drums.

The date of the tracks 8-10 concert is most likely 1992-04-26. Further, Track 9 Birthday is not shown completely. Most of the track deals with solving technical problems with the PA set and discussions with audience. Before Track 10 starts, a short mock version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is sung.

The date of the tracks 11-14 concert is most likely 1992-04-25.

Track 16 audio is Marius De Vries Mix of Pump. The video shows among others some clips from Hotel Island gig April 1988 in Reykjavik and Siggi dressed as a woman, most likely in the drag queen competition April 1988. Some Prag landscape is shown in the end.