Taint Snipe ‎– 132 Trax Of Puree

Skeet Brownie Records ‎– none, Grinding Poverty ‎– 001
Cassette, Limited Edition, Numbered


A1 La Bamba
A2 Scrotal Damage
A3 Rodrigo Writes Lyrics
A4 Johnny B. Goode
A5 Scott Played In Iskra
A6 Smoke On The Water
A7 Deche-Snipe
A8 Voodoo Child
A9 Birthday
A10 Taint-Charge
A11 Smells Like Teen Spirit
A12 Michael Dunahee Was Sacrificed On The Gulf Islands By Free Masons
A13 Leanne Is Cute
A14 Oh Canaduh
A15 Stay Together For The Kids
A16 Birth Certificates Are The Banks Ownership Over You
A17 This Is Boston Not Taint Snipe
A18 Smoke Weed
A19 Smoke Meth
A20 T.C.O.F. Is Crappy Noisecore
A21 Jesus Juice
A22 Come As You Are
A23 Taint Snipe
A24 Master Of Puppets
A25 Six Pack
A26 Cumoreah
A27 Hot For Teacher
A28 I Watched The Bass Player From Humangreed Beat His Dog
A29 12 Bar Blues
A30 Sexual Injury (Ft. Marvin Gay)
A31 Alien Vs. Child Predator
A32 Tizdales Liquiguts Pt.2
A33 I Clogged Rape Revenge's Toilet
A34 Charlie Infection Is Cool
A35 Where Is Ian Lennox?
A36 Ian Lennox Is Cool
A37 Posi Vibes In C Major
A38 Danni's Harsh Connection
A39 Tizdales Liquiguts Pt.3
A40 T-Bone Should Really Insure His Record Collection
A41 Harrison Vs. A Bottle Of Sherry
A42 Bring It On Home
A43 Smash Racism
A44 Legalize Missiles
A45 YD Blunt Supreme
A46 Steve Mechanical Is A True Hosegrinder.
A47 Powercup's Copyright Infringement On Tim Allen
A48 Mitch Allen, Ladies Man
A49 Ryan Allen, A Man's Man
A50 Noodles, Bridge Jumping, Shotgunning Man
A51 Jeff Mcknight, Smoking Man
A52 Garrett Iiedekia, Beautiful Man
A53 Domination Spree
A54 Jimmy Towers Is My Father
A55 Fuck Shit Up And Leave
A56 Archagathus Is Cool
A57 You Listen To Metal
A58 Terry Fox Kicked My Ass At Hop Scotch
A59 Tommy Wilsons Public Defecation Problem
A60 Rachel Helped Me Record This
A61 Are You Actually Reading These?
A62 Fraser Has Sex
A63 A Grinding Waste Of Time
A64 Reece Toye
A65 Borders Are An Illusion
A66 Milking Shit
B1 (No Money)
B2 Sweater Song
B3 Illuminati Death Burger
B4 90's Funk Rock Disappointment
B5 Brown Eyed Girl
B6 All Forms Of Money Transcations Feed Your Own Enslavement
B7 Honky-Tonk Regurgitation
B8 Eric Clapton Is A Bad Parent
B9 Mouth To Ass Resuscitation
B10 No Eulogy Strip Club Party
B11 Television Pacification
B12 Peter Gunn
B13 Napalm Death Medley
B14 You Go To Bars
B15 You Should Probably Drink In Public
B16 Don't Litter In Natural Habitats Or Your Fucking With Taint Snipe
B17 Litter In The City
B18 Andy Puts Out Tapes
B19 This Is Getting Fucking Tedious
B20 You Go To College
B21 Retarded Existence
B22 Todd Carter Owes Me A Tape Or Something
B23 Iron Bridge, Ontario
B24 Soil Of Ignorance Got The Bomb Ass Chronic
B25 Fuck Fighting, Let's Fuck
B26 Fossil Fuel Industrialization
B27 Coke Dick
B28 Darryl Smokes Meth Sometimes
B29 Contagium Rob Fed Me A Peanut Butter And Roasted Garlic Sandwich
B30 When I Come Around
B31 Diet Colt 45
B32 Another Fucking Song
B33 Violence Is Funny
B34 Your Funny
B35 You Wear Ed Hardy
B36 You Watch U.F.C.
B37 U.F.C. Is Funny
B38 It's Ironic That Jordy, The Blind Guy From Star Trek The Next Generation Is Also The Guy From Reading Rainbow
B39 Heffer
B40 Please Don't Start Another D-Beat Band
B41 Everyone Masturbates
B42 Bitchin' Pog Collection
B43 Your Kids On Dope
B44 Your Soaps On Rope
B45 Military Recruiters Go To High Schools
B46 Batman
B47 Fistfights With Cars
B48 Dope Smoking With Hundy Thou
B49 Pig, Babe In The City
B50 Earshit
B51 Crazy Train
B52 Mr. Footsies
B53 1 Track Untitled
B54 I Ran Over Your Child While She Was Taking A Shit
B55 I Threw A Bike At Her After
B56 Justice Makes Kamloops A Cool Place
B57 Confronted, Yelled At And Shot In The Fucking Head
B58 Deche Wish
B59 Crucified To The Fucking X
B60 One Time Julian Rebel Grew Pot
B61 Punched In The Neck
B62 Tool Time With Roger Lewis
B63 Dave Disleksick Spent $120 On Neanderthal - Fighting Music E.P.
B64 Anal Death
B65 Don't Be An Ass Clown
B66 Writing These Track Titles Was A Quality Way Of Spending My Time


Edition of 75 hand-numbered copies.

"Smash music now."