Takashi Mizuhashi w/ Masaru Imada & Tsuyoshi Yamamoto ‎– Interplay Now



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March 13, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
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I wouldn't spend $366 on a CD if it was a live recording of Jesus Christ himself speaking in the current day.....Some of these Sellers are in "Lala Land".....If someone buys this for $366 I will video tape myself burning 2 $100 bills and post it on YouTube as I'm being tickled by a tickle me elmo doll while taking a Shit on an special order Porcelin American Standard Commode purchased from Home Depot.....and please don't tell me this "review" was helpful....Further yet more I already have the Cd and spent $20 on it. Further yet more I will take a shit on the CD for $366 and not wipe like a cat or dog can’t wipe or a goldfish can’t wipe but they don’t have to because they’re in water.