Takeshi Furukawa* ‎– The Last Guardian

Iam8bit ‎– 8BIT-8051
2 × Vinyl, LP


A1 Overture: Lore 3:05
A2 Panorama 0:37
A3 Forest 2:05
A4 Sentinel I 2:50
A5 The Tower 0:50
A6 Falling Bridge 3:40
A7 Hanging Garden 2:20
B1 Sentinel II 2:30
B2 Victorious 2:24
B3 Alone 1:54
B4 The Nest 3:22
B5 Flashback 3:29
C1 Sanctuary 2:31
C2 Condor Clash 4:25
C3 Wounded 3:05
C4 Finale 1: Apex 6:26
D1 Finale II: Escape 6:38
D2 End Titles: The Last Guardian Suite 7:47
D3 Epilogue 1:48

Companies, etc.

  • Pressed ByMPO



Made in France

Vinyl Artwork & Design by Nimit Malavia
Music Published by Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.

Score Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall, Air Studios
Recording Assistants - John Prestage, Laurence Anslow & Alex Ferguson

Additional Recordings at The Village, The Bridge Recording
Recording Assistants - Billy Centennaro, Matt Dyson, Andy Zisakis & Cody Laughner

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8 52428 00759 4


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August 2, 2018

Unfortunately there is a ton of surface noise. It looks nice but that is about it.


July 27, 2018

note that combining the four label you have the boy arm tattoo (the only representation of that? there is not in the artbook).


June 4, 2017
I just received my copy of this. I think it looks really good, I would like more inner sleeve protection for the discs. I think this is one of the finest cinematic scores of either Film or Video Game in the last five years. You can hear the Thomas Newman influence and elements of Jerry Goldsmith with the vivacity of Zimmer. I think Takeshi Furukawa has huge talent and I will be following his career closely. The huge sadness is the prominent surface noise. I thought it was my stylus but from the comments below it seems not. It really is a big probem for such intricately exposed orchestral music. I am really dissapointed. I really want Iam8bit to be successful because they care about these fabulous scores that come from the video game world, but they really need to get more professional or face losing this unique market.


May 26, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

Definitely the worst sounding record I own. The amount of surface noise on this is unbelievable. I read many comments mentioning the declining quality of iam8bit releases, and I really thought (or at least hoped) they were exaggerating. This pressing is atrocious. Here's a short clip for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmTLD6mKbs


May 22, 2017
edited 9 months ago

A long awaited release for many and one that made me put less faith in Iam8bit as a company. The artwork is rather crude and pretentious looking. It doesn't reflect the game very well except the inner piece left of the track list. In that aspect its rather disappointing. Nothing I would put up for show but not terrible either. There are some strange design decisions however. Such as the records labels not being numbered. I understand the concept that they are using the picture on the label to match the image in the record jacket, but its fairly complicated. You would think the fold closest to you of this double gatefold contains the first record but not so in my case. The pictures you are supposed to match are also very similar to each other, adding to the problem. And lastly the colors on the sleeve are inverted making whats black on the label white on the sleeve. Why this exceptionally retarded design decision was made I can not even begin to fathom.
On to the music which purely sound wise is quite well made which is why this is a relief since my last purchase of an 8bit release. However, the problem that I and many other early buyers face is the god awful pressing. There are pops and crackles, but they are not the main issue here. Its the horrendous pressing that is. By god is that surface noise prominent throughout the whole listening experience. I at first even thought it was a part of the music since it intervals up and down. This should be unacceptable on such eloquent music. Perhaps I can receive a better copy but for now I have to place this along with my other Journey soundtrack as the worst records in my collection. Which the same company gets to hold the trophy for twice over now. Such a shame that video games get little care put into their vinyl releases.

Update: With my new Nagaoka MP-110 the surface noise is much reduced actually making it listenable. Make sure your cartridge is up to par with a high grade profile like elliptical. Those with simpler carts will suffer with this release. Will update again after proper vacuum cleaning.

Equipment used:
Rega RP1 with Rega Carbon cartridge
Cyrus 2 Amplifier
System Fidelity SF-3050 tower speakers
Custom made HQ speaker cables

Updated equipment: Nagaoka MP-110


May 16, 2017

Will update photos soon, these low quality ones are just a placeholder.


May 15, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

My pressing of this album is very noisy/muddy. Anyone else have this issue with this pressing? Lost of cyclic static and the occasional pop.


May 15, 2017
Takeshi Furukawa's best work yet. Expansive moments of subtle emotion mixed with epic and triumphant hits of victory and panic. Never lost in the true purpose of the score, Furukawa creates an atmosphere of excitement and mystery while maintaining absolute devotion to the story.
In its simplest form - this is everything you remember from your first play through of this stunningly beautiful and complex game from SIE Japan Studio.