Tanya Donelly ‎– Demos From Beautysleep and Lovesongs

18 × File, MP3, Compilation


1 The Night You Saved My Life [demo] 3:53
2 So Much Song [demo] 4:56
3 Keeping You [live] 4:11
4 Lantern [demo] 3:25
5 Vanilla [demo] 3:59
6 Bury My Heart [demo] 4:17
7 Moonbeam Monkey [demo] 3:28
8 Darkside Of The Sun [demo] 3:40
9 After Your Party [live] 2:54
10 Swoon [demo] 5:17
11 The Storm [demo] 3:59
12 Her Bad Year [demo] 3:12
13 The Shadow [demo] 3:53
14 The Wave [demo] 3:46
15 Acrobat [demo] 3:33
16 Last Rain [demo] 4:48
17 The Storm [live] 4:05
18 The Night You Saved My Life [live] 3:19


Free download from www.tanyadonelly.com with release notes by Tanya Donelly.

Eighteen previously unreleased demo and live tracks were released in three batches, with the final batch posted December 2002.

Tanya's note for the final release read: "Here eighteen tracks, demo and live versions, for your enjoyment. That's it for this group of MP3s. Let me know what you think of them on the message board."

The first six tracks (posted mid-2002) were encoded at a bitrate of 192kbps. The second and third batches were encoded with a lower bitrate of 128kbps.

Demos From Beautysleep and Lovesongs was removed from tanyadonelly.com around February 2008.

Tracks 1-3, 7-8, 11, 13-14, 17-18 demo and live versions of tracks from "Beautysleep"
Tracks 4, 9, 12, 15 demo versions of tracks from "Lovesongs For Underdogs"
Tracks 9, 16 live versions of tracks from "Sleepwalk" EP
Track 5 demo version of B-side from "Pretty Deep" 7'' single
Track 6 demo version of B-side from "The Bright Light" CD-single #1

Track 8 officially released with title "Darkside"
Track 12 is an early version of officially released single "The Bright Light"

A later, fan-made compilation (dubbed Web Songs) was shared on peer-to-peer networks with the same material as Demos From Beautysleep and Lovesongs. The tracks were re-ordered in groups with the Beautysleep-era demos first, followed by the Lovesongs For Underdogs-era demos, and the live tracks together at the end. The MP3 files were transcoded to 192kbps and are one generation removed from the original posted files.